Saturday, July 15, 2017

2017 OMaD - Week 28

A busy week that started with a great race!

July 9 - 15

Day 190: 3.11 Miles - Too Hot to Handle race! I was up and at 'em starting at4:30am. I hydrated really well on Saturday, which I think helped me in the morning. If I'm dehydrated or wake up thirsty it takes me longer to feel comfortable to get up. I was out the door around 5:50ish, and I was at Norbuck Park around 6:30. My running/walking friends/coworkers were set to show up aaaaaany minute. Well, more like 7am. Oh, well. I got their early and did my potty breaksss (plural). I was feeling good! The plan was to run with HC and MW, who have the plan to run intervals with a 11:20 pace and negative splits. I was going to run with them then peel off at the very end of the race to beat them (cause I'm very competitive during races, especially 5ks). However, we the corral moved up to the start line I lost track of where they were. I couldn't tell if they were in front of me or behind me! Gah!

I started the race with about a 10:25 pace. Way too fast, actually. But with the flow of people, I kept on running and told myself to "See how far you can go." I ran the first mile straight through. About 1.5 in I did a quick pause. Right around then was when the course loops back a bit. This was when I saw HC and MW. They were behind me by 0.25 of  a mile. I had to keep going with minimal if not no walk breaks until I had created bigger gap between them and me. During the last mile I did give myself longer pauses (I'd say about 10 seconds or so). My legs were definitely getting tired, but I had the drive to keep on going! My official finish time was 00:32:51. Not my fastest 5k finish, but I totally squashed my training time by at least 5 minutes! Yay!

A side note on the race itself: It was really good! I've done this race a handful of times before. The course is a a little different than the last time I ran the 5k, and I like it better. There were two water stations for the 5k. They track pads in pace 

After the race, we had breakfast at a place called Chubby's, and I treated myself to french toast and the works. Hee hee. But to be fair this was also my lunch, and it got me through work later that day. For dinner, M took me out to Pho and spring rolls. YUM! I spent the rest of the late night with my sister helping doggie sit. I pretty much gave the dogs and cats fresh water and I went straight to be I was so tired!

Day 191: 0 Miles - I had doggie duty in the morning, but I spent a couple of hours with Mark before a good friend/groomsman The Marine came over to do the wedding suit shopping deal. After all said and done a few hours later, we were back home again and release from our duties. We stopped by DSW to get some running shoes (he won't be running, but walking and cross training) before going to store to get supplies for our Cincinnati Chili night complete with Graeter's ice cream!

Day 192:  0 Miles - I had a hair cut appointment this morning, and I didn't wake up early enough to get a run in. Don't you ever feel soooo much better when you get your hair cut? I do! It's so nice! I spent the rest of the morning picking who to contact for a officiant for our wedding. And, we figured out our strength training schedule too. I even think he'll go for a walk in the park when I go run too! This is exciting!

Day 193:  0 Miles - I was off today because I worked on Sunday. So, I spent the day shopping for birthday presents for my besties, going to the grocery store, and spending time with my mom. Mom went to a family reunion last week, and she ended up with gobs of family photos. We spent a good hour or more going through some of them!

Day 194: 0 Miles - So. I went to bed last night thinking that I would run this morning, but I was so tired the motivation wasn't there. This morning, I snoozed my alarm so many times that by the time I was awake the temperature was already in the 80s. In my mind way too hot to run. Though I felt bad that I missed my run, I was home with M when our potential wedding officiant called us! So it all worked out!

Day 195: 0 Miles - I snoozed my alarm I don't know how many times.... but it equaled out for about an hour. Thankfully I was saved by the fact that I had to buy some supplies for work an had already told my boss that I would show up a bit late. Whew! After work I met up with my besties to have a Girls Night at Shakespeare in the Park eating some amazingly delicious pizza from Cane Rosso.

Day 196: 0 Miles - I woke up late again, but not as bad. I'm so ready for the weekend (even thought it's going to busy)! I already know that after my run tomorrow morning, I'm going back into my PJs and I'm going to the Netflix and Nap thing before M gets home from work!

Total Miles this week: 3.11 Miles

Miles to Date: 214.42 Miles

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Update on Dream Races

So, since I'm on a little bit of a big race hiatus this year I've been dreaming about more big races that I would like to run in the future whenever the opportunity arises.



I'm sure that there are gobs of other races that are waiting to be discovered, especially in Texas. I can't wait!

Do you have any half or full marathon races recommendations? 

2017 OMaD - Week 27

Hellllo, birthday week!

July 2 - 8

Day 183: 7.10 Miles -To start out my day I got a 7 miler in! Yay! I was thinking I may have to do a 6.2 run, but really wanted it to be long since I'm really trying to get back to my long distance norm. Once I got closer to the 10k mark I knew I could get 7 in, which was so nice! It was humid too. I know that I'm out of shape, gained a couple of pounds from the Cincinnati trip, and just not as driven as I once was. I even texted my mom to talk about birthday cake and ice cream!

The park crew were beginning to set up for the July 4th celebration that happens in the park, even though it was eeeaaarly in the morning. If I remember right there were two different cities using this park for their celebrations over the course of the next two days. Yikes! When I M made me a delicious omelette. I eventually ended up sprawled out on the couch - dead to the world. Thankfully we did get ourselves to the grocery store for some necessities.

Day 184: 0 Miles - I didn't do much today. M had to go into work early-early. So I pretty lounged in bed and watched Netflix. I even at breakfast in bed. That's right! It was niiiiice. I did go out to Target to shop for some new bras. I had bought fancier bras earlier this year, but I missed this one Target bra I accidentally threw out during the move. Anyway... perhaps TMI? Eh! Oh, well! I also bought a new breezy green tank to wear! Later in the day we had an early birthday dinner at M's parents house (get this... there are three birthdays within the same week!). Then it was back home as soon as we can because potential traffic around where we live since the city's July 4th festivities and fireworks were practically in our front yard! What I don't get is why celebrations sometimes are done another day other than July 4. It's weird.

Day 185:  0 Miles - Happy 4th of July! It was a lazy day, but we did work on some wedding stuff before getting lunch at Jersey Mikes (seriously good sandwiches, peeps!). We took an epic nap later, which was so nice before we drove out to see fireworks (an ate some food truck bbq). It was great!

Day 186:  3.21 Miles - So I turned 32 this week. Yikes! I had my first thought about how close to 40 I am. As in,  "Oh, only 8 more years till I'm 40." I know, I know. That's till a long time. I agree. But it just popped into my head. Anyway! My mom and I picked up a 5k race packet... Did I mention I'm running the Too Hot to Handle 5k? Well, I am! Then we tooted around an antique store. I met up with M so that we could look at our wedding venue during a preview time. Then it was dinner at Chuy's! Yum!

Day 187: 0 Miles - My first day back at work. Thankfully it was a quiet one. Even though I had four days off, and I was real rested on Monday, I was tiiiired after the passed couple of days! My allergies have been acting up and I had a sinus drain on Tuesday (boo!) so my sleep pattern suuuucks!

Day 188: 0 Miles - First day of doggie sitting for my parents! I stayed up late watching my sister play with her new Omega juicer and taught her how to cook quinoa. She's into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and has already lost quite a bit of weight. Now she's on a diet designed by a black belt. I wonder how thin she's going to get cause she's already a great size. I have to admit that I'm jealous cause I was that size two years ago. Ugh! I did 25 modified push ups too. It was so difficult! By the time I went to bed I was already sore!

Day 189: 0 Miles - I was getting the race jitters right around dinnertime. I hadn't done a race since March, and just the idea of getting up early and going out to the White Rock Lake area was tedious! For dinner, we made a rice bowl that had pre-cooked fajita meat (I ate beef cause I was running for Team Beef), green bell pepper, onions, cilantro and fried eggs (cooked in oil). It was tasty and perfect. I spent the rest of the night I downloaded new punk music (thanks to M!) to keep my pace fast and fun. I'm hoping that all goes well!

Total Miles this week: 10.31 Miles

Miles to Date: 211.31  Miles

Thursday, July 6, 2017

2017 OMaD - Week 26

Seriously, where has the time gone! Once we got back from Cincinnati we were on the go for just life!

June 25 - July 1

Day 176: 0 Miles - I guess walking around the parks would have counted as mileage, but I don't care! We woke up later than planned on this day. But we checked out of the hotel within 30-45 minutes (cause we're awesome!). M took me to Busken Bakery, which is a Cincinnati staple and the place that M's grandma would give him cookies and cakes for his birthday. We bought some donuts, coffee and their famous sugar cookies. We ate breakfast in Ault Park in the Hyde Park neighborhood. M grew up in the park. It was so nice being able to eat out doors (the temperature was in the 70s)! Then we explored the park. I saw so many runners. I was jealous that I couldn't run. There were some serious hills in this park, and I knew that I'd want to come back in the future to run through the park.

We had lunch at Arthur's Cafe then had ice cream (one of the best ice creams in the world!) at Graeter's in Hyde Park Square. Then... Well, be basically went back to Ault Park and sat for a couple of hours talking about moving up here. One of M's relative is looking to invest/open some restaurants in a couple of years and offered M to basically help him. M dreams about moving up here every day, really. We left the park with not a lot of answers. We did know that we'd wanted to live near or in Hyde Park, which unfortunately is the place to be so it's pricier. We left for the airport earlier than we initially planned. Our flight was delayed for a while, but we got home to Dallas safe and sound.

Oh, and for sitting the park for a long time we ended up with some lopsided sunburns!

Day 177: 0 Mile - It was a slow day after a couple of appointments in the morning. We dinner at Chuy's (nothing like good Tex-Mex after spending the weekend in the midwest!) and we had a wonderful short visit from M's best bud Bri who was off from work. M and I still talked about moving to Cincinnati, and made some decisions that it'd be a life change that we may not be ready for, especially financially. But it was definitely not a "no."

Day 178: 0 Miles - Back to work!

Day 179:  0 Miles - I could've run, but I was still so tired from the weekend!

Day 180:  4.01 Miles - I ran for the first time in a week. It was crappy. The first 2 miles were butt heads. I was just telling myself that all I needed was a 5k. Then all of a sudden I got my second wind and I decided to run for 4. Then it was off to a really crazy day at work! I think of my 9 hour day at work, I sat down for about 01:45 of it!

Day 181: 0 Miles -I woke up this morning feeling like I was hit by a truck! What kept me going was the fact that I had only today and tomorrow to get to my extended weekend off!

Day 182: 0 Miles - Another very busy day at work, but it was my last work day before a four-day weekend! Yay!

Total Miles this week:  4.01 Miles   

Miles to Date: 190.69  Miles

2017 OMaD - Week 25

Busy week getting ready for a short trip to Cincinnati over the weekend!

June 18 - 24 

Day 169: 3.10 Miles -Remember that handful of Skittles on top of a Whataburger burger and fries? Big mistake! I had tummy troubles, which I thought went away after my morning pre-run routine... but nope! I had to cut my 10k/7 miler  into a 5k so I could get back home. Boo! Of course the moment I got home, everything calmed down for a while. Of course! Just after lunch, I headed down to my parents house for Father's Day. Wouldn't you believe my luck that half way to their house I realized that I left his card at the apartment! So I had to swing by a CVS to pick out a new card and get a Snickers bar for him Oh, and a big bottle of water for me. M came down after he got off of work an after a big nap, and we had a chili dinner with the family. Oh! And my mom had brought home some Czech Kolaches after a weekend trip to Austin. Yum! Then it was home again, jiggy jog!
Day 170: 0 Mile - There was a light thunderstorm in the early morning, which was nice to wake up to. My mom and I went to my wedding dress fitting. This time we were finalizing the hem length and the bustle! So exciting! Thankfully too the dress fitted practically perfect! I definitely can't lose any weight or the dress will be too big! Looks like I'm free to have the occasional donut now! Yay! Afterwards, M and I bought him some new shoes and visited his parents before going to the grocery store. This day went by so quickly! What happened?

Day 171: 3.11 Miles - I tried to get out to the park earlier so that it wasn't so hot. I got up 30 minutes earlier than my normal time. Regardless of when I got to the park, it was still muggy since nature was still moist from the rain on Monday! It was so hot, but my timing was better than on Sunday! I'm definitely going to make sure that I don't eat a lot of sugar the day/night before a run... This was something I did during marathon training, but after the races I have been bending the rules a little. Ok, ok, ok... maybe more than a little! :-P 

Day 172:  0 Miles -Rest day! M had to get up uber early for work. I dozed for a little bit after he left, but I had decided to empty the dishwasher, load it up with dinner's plates, AND scrub all the pots! All before I finished my first cup of coffee!!! What?! Who am I? I hate dishes! Lol. A work I focused on trying to get things prepped for my replacement for Saturday, which also includes getting some work done ahead of time for Tuesday, when I show up again. M made a delicious dinner when I got home.

Day 173:  0 Miles - So, I have a confession to make. I had ice cream the night before. I felt a little off tummy-wise this morning. Oops. It was already hot outside at 7am, and just knew that the mixture was not going to be fun... just like last Sunday. I took this opportunity to stay home to try to figure out what to pack for our quick trip to Cincinnati for the funeral. I'm meeting M's cousins and aunt for the first time (he hasn't seen them in 17 years too!), and I want to make a good impression.

I started to get insecure about how I looked, especially how my new bras make my boobs look bigger (ugh! something I hate) and my shirts a little tighter in the chest. I know that I'm not the leanest or the skinniest of runners, but I want to look like I'm not an overweight runner wanna-be (I can't believe I still feel like that sometimes!). Anyway, that's how I feel. Plus, I've been anxious about getting to the airport already on top of other daily pressures an "what-ifs".

Day 174:  0 Miles -A very busy day at work. However, I got to leave early so that M and I could get to the airport on time. When I got home I packed up my toiletries and changed clothes. Then we grabbed the cat and drove to my parents house. After talking and planning for about 20 minutes, M and I decided that we would drive to the airport ourselves. Parking was a bit of hassle, but that's what you get flying out of an international airport! Our flight was on time, and we landed early. However, once we hit the open road with our rental, we were stuck in traffic for nearly two because of an accident that shut down the highway. We made it to the hotel, then bolted to the White Castle that was next door for a midnight snack. Oh, so good!

Day 175: 0 Miles - M's uncle's funeral was in the morning. Meeting his extended family was really nice. The funeral was really nice too. Afterwards, we were treated to lunch at Skyline Chili, which is the best of the three chili bars in Cincinnati (in our opinion!). M showed me around the city and took me to Eden Park. The city is pretty hilly. The Flying Pig Marathon will need some serious training! We rested at the hotel for a little before we were picked up to have dinner at The Montgomery Inn at the Boathouse that's downtown and looks out on the Ohio River. That was so tasty too! Even the coffee and carrot cake! We walked along the river walk, enjoying the city's sights but also the Pride sights, which was fun. We got back to the hotel as the sun was going down. We new that we still had time to explore, but we were both so tired! We stayed in and feel asleep pretty quickly!

Total Miles this week:  6.21 Miles   

Miles to Date: 186.68  Miles

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

2017 OMaD - Week 24

Life never seems to give you a break sometimes, right? If didn't you would be bored. On brighter side of things, I found two new recipes that the chef and I like a lot!

June 11 - 17

Day 162: 6.22 Miles -This was such a great day! M left for work and I headed out for a run a couple hours later. It was a great 10k run. It wasn't too hot, and a strong breeze helped. I felt like this was a solid run. I'm thinking I should be able to pull off another 10k the following Sunday or even 7 to 8 miles! Fingers crossed! After that I spent a portion of the day eating a delicious breakfast and coffee from the comfort of our couch while watching British mystery shows on Newflix (Has anyone watch Father Brown?). M got home. Instead of taking a nap he had energy and we ended walking down a Farmer's Market near our home. We got some delicious baklava from one vendor and some roasted coffee from another. Then we shopped at the mall. It was a great day!
Day 163: 1 Mile - M and I got our chores and errands done early (Gold Stars for us! Yay!). After lunch M went down for a nap while I watched some of my mysteries on Netflix.... aaaaand. I feel asleep too. Nearly 3 hours later we both woke up. We got ourselves going and had yummy tacos at a taqueria and did a wedding discussion. After dinner I went for a walk. We were up late talking, which resulted in a groggy morning.

Day 164: 0 Miles - I was exhausted this morning, and my stomach ached. I slept in till it was time to go to work. Then 30 minutes before I had to leave we got word on the date of a M's family funeral, and it was "Go Time." We both worked on asking for time off then searched for flights, hotel and rental car. I have to admit it was very stressful, but we got the flights taken care.

Day 165:  0 Miles - Another crazy day with booking a hotel during my breaks at work. I made Honey Sriracha Glazed Meatballs for dinner, and they were delish! M did made edamame with a sesame soy sauce to go with the meatball and brown rice. I found the recipe for Eat Yourself Skinny's blog on Pinterest.

Day 166:  0 Miles - I spent the morning looking into car rents and reserved a car. Now we're all set for the trip to Cincinnati! Whew!

Day 167:  0 Miles - I woke up with a "Go, Go, Go!" mode already switched on. I put away the dishes then loaded the dishwasher again. I had enough time for coffee and a little breakfast before I had to had out to work.  It was a good day. I had half the mind to go to the gym or do a workout in the apartment after work, but I never made it. We had a late dinner of Baked Firecracker Chicken and Honey Lime Quinoa. I found the chicken recipe on Closet Cooking's website via Pinterst. The quinoa was M's own creation, and included equal parts lime juice and honey to two parts olive oil. 

Day 168: 0 Miles - It was a long day but thankfully it also went by quickly! M had to stay until closing so we had a later dinner than before. Since we also had to get Father's Day cards, we ended up just going to Whataburger for dinner. Afterwards I was so full and yet still ate a handful of Skittles while we watched a movie. Ugh!

Total Miles this week:  7.22 Miles   

Miles to Date: 180.47  Miles

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

OMaD - Week 23

A rough week.... but all is good!

June 4 - 10

Day 155: 6.20 Miles - I woke up this morning with the thought, "Aw man, I don't want to go to work." Then I remembered that it was Sunday Runday! Yay! I was set on running a 10k, and that's what I did. It was very not as hot and humid as I was expecting, but it definetely had my lifting my tank up to expose my stomach so that I could cool down. M and I had a great lunch before running some errands.

Then it was our date night out; however, it turned into a disappointment. We went to the Kirin Court in Richardson. M had raved about it ever since we started dating, and we finally made it. We got there two hours before the restaurant closed. There were probably four tables filled in the entire place. We ordered a couple dim sum, and asked the waiter to give us a minute to look over the entrees. We never saw him again at our table. Someone else probably 30 minutes later if we to order an entree. We said yes, thinking the original waiter would come over. He never did and the second waiter then served other tables around us. Basically, that waiter eventually came back to us (20 minutes later) and ask if we wanted something else and told we wanted an entree and she took our order but also said that the kitchen had closed. Oh. Then we waited another 45 minutes for our entrees to be made. One buss boy finally asked if we were doing alright and we said we were unsure if we had food coming or not. We finally got our entree, nearly 2 hours after we walked in to the restaurant. We ate only a little bit, paid and left. It was so disappointing and horrible. Everyone else, even those who sat down after us, were served quicker than we were. I know sometimes there is a cultural thing, but for an establishment that is supposed to be dedicated to customer service... this was horrendous! I was so disappointed for the both of us, I almost cried.
Day 156: 0 Miles - Monday fun! M and I took a little adventure down to Ham Orchards in Terrell to get our Peach Pork BBQ Sandwich and homemade strawberry and peach ice cream. Then we shopped their store and bought gobs and gobs of pickled food! It was so much fun!

Day 157:  0 Miles - I was so tired from work that I was so happy to see bed time. Granted, I also didn't want it to be bed time because I didn't want to go back to work after the crazy day I had! I didn't run in the morning because I was so tired. I didn't want to move from bed.

Day 158:  0 Miles - Sooo tired again. Part of my exhaustion is being dehydrated, and I worked on drinking more water. However, I just couldn't do it. M and I had a really basic dinner of spicy rice and fried eggs since we were so tired from work.

Day 159:  0 Miles - No run this morning either. I forced myself to drink enough water that I was peeing every 20 minutes if not shorter than that! I'm disappointed that didn't go run, but I if the inside of my mouth felt like sandpaper then I know better than not run but to recoup my water.

Day 160:  0 Miles - The first of two long days. M worked double shifts, which meant he had to go to work before I did and come after I do. All during work I was thinking about heading to the gym for a little bit after I got home, but the moment that I did.... I saw on the couch for a minute and I was gone. No hope for me!

Day 161: 0 Miles - Second long day. I get up to see M off to work, so I pretty much am uber tired in the morning. I made sure that I drank a lot of water help the body out. It was so busy that I didn't leave for lunch until 2:30! I headed over to Starbucks to get a sandwhich and a tea. It was so good and rewarding! Haha! M an I spent the evening with a pizza and a movie.

Total Miles this week:  6.20 Miles   

Miles to Date: 173.25  Miles