Thursday, March 16, 2017

2017 OMaD - Week 10

A fun filled week, and I'm finally trying to find a balance with running. Looks like I may have to run more at the gym until we move at the end of the month!

March 5 - 11

Day 64: 10.10 Miles - Running Buddy HC pulled out from meeting at the lake. I was a little hesitant too because it was getting chilly and windy that morning. I hate that! We've been having such nice weather during the week when I'm stuck inside at work, but on my weekend days it's cold! I decided that I would just go to the gym. At first I thought I would go up to 8 miles in case I couldn't cut it at the gym. However, with the help of good fueling the night before (pizza!) and awesome music videos on YouTube I made it up to the needed 10! I had to work in the afternoon, but it wasn't bad at all. After that we had dinner at my parents.

Day 65: 0 Miles - In the morning M and I viewed our future apartment! It looks nice! It's a little smaller than expected, and it was a smidge different from the floor plan we had seen on paper. I was little worried about all of my stuff, but M assured me that all will be ok. After lunch at our favorite Chinese place, we met with a potential caterer! We liked with what they were offering and so on! Hopefully we can go with this one!

Day 66: 0 Miles -Busy day at work! I didn't go run cause I had things to do, but I had Thursday off from work to run and catch up on things.

Day 67: 0 Miles - Rest day!

Day 68: 0 Miles - No run today. No errands today. No cleaning today. Due to a family emergency with my boss, I had to come into work on my scheduled day off. I understand the circumstances, but it sucks when you're the only backup work has! I did throw in a 20 minute kettelbell workout to help a bit.

Day 69: 4.17 Miles - So I had not time for breakfast at home. I'll go to Starbucks. In front of me was a doctor. He ordered at least 2 fancy coffees, a box of coffee, and 6+ pastries that all needed to be heated up. If I ordered my sandwich I would be 10 minutes late to work. Can't be done. So I left without food. I. Was. Not. A. Happy. Camper. I had to eat part of my lunch to help tie me over till lunch. What a crappy day! I skipped on going to the grocery store after work cause I didn't trust myself being around other people. I rested a bit with the cat before I headed to the gym and ran 4 miles. I finished just when M was getting off of work. We had a tasty pizza before going down to my parents' to see my brother and sister who just came into town.

Day 70:  0 Miles - Busy day at work! But I got to see my best friends for dinner! 

Total Miles this week: 14.27 Miles

Miles to Date: 81.06 Miles

Saturday, March 11, 2017

What I'm Missing...

So, while updating my 2017 One Mile A Day weekly updates today I guilty that I couldn't remember what I was doing each day (not that it's extremely important, since I make the rules!). I also feel bad that I haven't been in a regular running/workout routine for quite a while. Who's the blame? Me. But it's also the wedding planning and getting ready for the move at the end of March. I've spent the morning with M when we actually are both get to sip coffee and thin/discuss things at the same time.

After updating the blog, I take a look at the blog roll. I can't even remember the last time I read any blog posts from my fellow running bloggers! It tugged at my heart that I feel that I'm not part of the same running-centric world as they are (despite know that I'm not quite like them to begin with!). So... I started thinking of things I'm currently missing.

1. Running 
Now, don't misunderstand. I am running. Thank God! But I'd be extremely lucky to run two days a week. I've been making a push to run as much as I can because of the Dallas Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon coming up. But, basically, I've been so busy and trying to juggle M's new work schedule (he goes to work later in the morning that I do). We've been spending the morning talking about whatever is happening. It's typically a really good time to do so since we're both not tired from the daily grind like we are at dinner. Though, I do admit that I have a little issue with leaving him home to go run (Ok, Ok, I admit it... I'm still puppy dog eyed for him!), but I'll I need to work on that. It'll get easier when we have a home together.

2. The feel of my Garmin 
Over the past few weeks (if not longer than a month) I have had a phantom feelings around my wrist. It's that "naked" feeling you get when you don't wear your watch or FitBit. I feel like I should be wearing my Garmin. I obviously haven't been running enough for my wrist to feel normal. Perhaps this is also a side effect of no longer being in marathon training mode where I was running at least three days a week.

3. Relaxation
I knew this, but wedding planning is no joke, people. I'll be so happy when we book a caterer (such a huge expense to consider!). Then all I have to do really is work on the decor. Oh, and find someone to marry us. Add that on top of the upcoming apartment move, I'm in stress/busy central! The only part about the move that I'm stressed about? Well, I've lived my in my cozy apartment for nearly 8 years and I have so. much. stuff. Do I need to take everything? Is there anything I can get rid of. Will everything that I want to keep fit in the new place when combined with M's things???? It's a little rough going. Add in the fact that I don't have a stress release outlet like running to help is making it worse! I know that things won't calm down completely until after the wedding, but I'm seriously ready for a break.

4. The feels of running
I also miss the feelings of a solid run. When nothing is aching and your breathing is great. The feel of your body working hard. You're sweating. You feel like you're really an athlete and look amazing (though secretly you know you don't cause you just ran 10+ miles). When you're done, you have the Runner's High. You feel strong and invincible! No one can touch you or judge you. You're doing a happy dance during an awesome shower that comes before our after your brunch. You're so hungry you start getting the "Rungry" tendencies, but feel right as rain and happy after the meal. Then you sit, or better yet, lay down on something comfy, and you just let sleep come over your eyes. Your body completely relaxes and you sink into a zone that I can't describe very well, but am so happy when I do feel it. You take the most awesome nap ever. You wake up and you get up again or drink gobs of water. Then you consider having ice cream or froyo. Yep. I miss all of this.

5. Talking about running 
M doesn't mind talking about running (he was a runner once), but when we do I don't go into deep discussion. Those types of discussion tends to happen with my running buddy HC or a coworker/friend/fellow runner PunkM. I love those conversations. You feel so connected to each other and with the sport. Compare talks like this to the in depth conversations about a favorite thing like a book or a sports team or hobby. It's just awesome. I don't see HC or PunkM often since we work at separate locations and it's a blue moon when we meet up at the lake or a race.

6. Tank Tops and Shorts 
Yeah. I'm so ready for shorts and tank tops as my running. I don't want it blistering hot, like it typically is, but I don't want to worry about being cold on my runs. Granted, this year I have to watch my tan like so that I won't end up looking completely weird in my wedding dress in the Fall, but seriously... tank top weather can't come soon enough!  

7. The test
Every run, even a 5k, is a test. A test of your ability. Of what you can do physically that you thought or questioned you wouldn't be able to do. My last test was my last marathon. A challenge, but one I felt prepared for. The second to the last was the training for it, which was even more of a challenge. But any run, of any distance, is always a test of. A battle between your mind and your body. Your body must overpower the negative thoughts that run through your read. When you achieve a goal... nothing feels more satisfying (other than finishing a race!)!

8. Dates
OK. So, this isn't necessarily running related. But I'm going to throw it out there. With M's new work schedule, and the fact that we're trying to save money (moving costs and... hello, honeymoon!), we haven't had time to go on a proper date. Sure, we've go out to dinner. But it's not the, "Let's dress a little snazzier and go some place we rarely go to. Then let's do this and this.". We have have fun, don't get me wrong. We'll have moments where we laugh our butts off. I love those moments. I also miss a bit of that "Wooing Stage" of our relationship. Who doesn't like being wooed? Hee hee. We've been so busy and stressed that we haven't taken the time to do anything, even if we were able to. I'll also tie this in, which is more running related. M hasn't been able to go to any of my races since the marathon because of how exhausted he is cause of work. We appreciate his new job and the kitchen is great, but it's definitely a busy busy busy job. I know that we plan on doing something after we move, but something always pops up. Let's all hope that we'll be able to have time for a proper "Date Night!"

These are just the things that came to mind today. Other than my fiance M, running is the next best thing in my life. I miss it like I miss a close friend.

I know I sound weak and full of excuses right now. That I'm pushing off the blame on to everything around me. The only way that things will change is me getting a hold of parts of my life... and to get through this move! It will all get better. It always will.


I'm done complaining!


Is anyone else missing something?

How do you handle a running slump?

Live, Love, Run, and Rock 'n' Roll, peeps!

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2017 OMaD - Week 9

Stepping into March! Whah!?!?!

February 26 -March 4

Day 57: 9.10 Miles - My first run back at the White Rock Lake! It was so peaceful with not very many runners or cyclists. I met running buddy HC, and we did a great 9 miler. It felt awesome! We started out slow cause we were both achy for different reasons, but on the way back to the cars we did negative splits. Yay! 

Day 58: 0 Miles - I can't even remember what I did this day, but I know for sure that I did not work out or run.

Day 59: 0 Miles - Tuesdays are always a fun night at work.

Day 60: 0 Miles - Rest day and Wedding Cake Tasting Day! Whoo hoo! We had a specific baker in mind, Annie's Culinary Creations, for a long time. Due to our late hour appointment and work schedule we basically had cupcakes for dinner. They are ah-mazing! Especially her chocolate and chocolate buttercream one. Hee hee! We hatched everything out and are starting the order process. We have time to pick flavors, thankfully, cause there are SO many choices! I was so wired with sugar that I was talking really fast, apparently. Lol!

Day 61: 0 Miles - No run today. I was so tried from being up really late with the cake, and the fact that I ate so much sugar (totally worth it!). It was nice to sleep in and take it easy.

Day 62: 0 Miles - A typical Friday. 

Day 63:  0 Miles -  It was a great day at work. It was also pizza night! Yum!!

Total Miles this week: 9.10 Miles

Miles to Date: 66.79 Miles

2017 OMaD - Week 8

Another blur!!

February 19 - February 25

Day 50: 0 Miles - This was wedding planning day. So MS and I booked one of our honeymoon hotels. Yay! Then we did some other plannings before stopping by his parents. Then we went to Ikea to totally recon some things out for our new place! It was exiting and frustrating! I didn't realize how hard it would be not get too-feminine style bedding and sheets an so on, but at the same time not be all black, brown, or tan. Boo! Work in progress.

Day 51: 0 Miles -The fiance was suppose to work, but things changed so we had an extra day together, which was great! He got to rest, but we also went to Target to look at things too.

Day 52: 0 Miles - I didn't run cause I had a hair cut appointment with a new person. She did a great job, and I see some potential! I'm going in next week to get some highlights put in. Maybe she'll be able to do my wedding hair. Hmmm!

Day 53: 0 Miles - Rest Day!

Day 54: 5.07 Miles -My first run in I don't know how long! It felt great! My leg feels better since I switched my everyday shoe insoles. Yay! I started out too fast so I didn't quite do the 10k I was looking for, but 5 miles is just as good and awesome!

Day 55: 0 Miles -I made the mistake last night to stay up and watch a 1.5 hr long documentary shown by PBS Independent Lense about the shooting at the University of Texas in Austin.

Day 56:  0 Miles - Nothing today but work.

Total Miles this week: 5.07 Miles

Miles to Date: 57.69 Miles

Friday, February 24, 2017

2017 OMaD - Week 7

Now that these updates are closer to the actual date that I'm typing this, my memory is getting better! Maybe.

February 12 - February 18

Day 43: 6.21 Miles - MS had to work this morning, so I got a Sunday 10k in. It was awesome! I rested for a bit before I started really cleaning my apartment like crazy. I had a pre-move walk through of my unit set for the next day. He came over after work to help me. It was crazy, but got a lot done!

Day 44: 0 Miles - No running. It was really I first day of looking for a place to move to ... in person. And it sucked! Then lucked presented itself. During my pre-move walk through the Assistant Manager of my apartment complex told us that there was a drop in rent for a unit in the size that we're looking for. We talked about it between the two of us before we went to the office to get more info. So we ended deciding that we should take it.

Day 45: 0 Miles - It was Valentine's Day! And what MS did was apply to be a resident in my apartment complex. Nothing romantic or cute or gushy. No flowers. I already knew that he's been so busy and tired that he wasn't going to do anything for me. So I'll take the fact with him applying to be a resident counted as a romantic thing because this will be our first place together!

Day 46: 0 Miles - Rest Day for sure!

Day 47: 0 Miles - Nothing done.

Day 48: 0 Miles - Rest Day! 

Day 49:  0 Miles - All I remember is working. Boo!

Total Miles this week: 36.21Miles

Miles to Date: 52.62 Miles

2017 OMaD - Week 6

February has been a wasteland of no running and lots of stress!

February 5- February 11

Day 36: 0 Miles - Rest Day! I have no clue what I did that day other than sleep.

Day 37: 3.15 Miles - A nice 5k. My legs still ached from the race and whatever plagues them. I'm wondering if it's not my running shoes, since they were new right before my marathon in December, but rather my insoles I wear in my everyday non-running shoes. Looks like I need to buy a new pair! Blast my flat feet!

Day 38: 0 Miles - I have no clue what I did this day!

Day 39: 0 Miles - Rest Day for sure!

Day 40: 0 Miles -Nothing done. Maybe a kettlebell workut.

Day 41: 0 Miles - Rest Day! 

Day 42:  0 Miles - I think this may have been the weekend that I was burning out. There's been stress to get wedding stuff done on top of finding a place to live with my fiance plus work and so much more.

Total Miles this week: 3.15 Miles

Miles to Date: 46.41 Miles

2017 OMaD - Week 5

Finally into February! And I had a race!

January 29  - February 4

Day 29: 8.01 Miles - I remember wanting to try to get to 9 miles or as close as possible so that I could feel that I was ready or not for the 15k race at the end of the week. It was a good run and I felt great and confident. I went to work the rest of the day, and it wasn't bad. However, my knee has been aching and I feel like shin splints are developing.

Day 30: 0 Miles - Rest and it felt so good!

Day 31: 4.01 Miles - I don't think I ran this day.

Day 32: 0 Miles - Rest Day for sure!

Day 33: 3.12 Miles - A solid 5k, with a bit of difficulty. Nothing to be worried about.I had the day off so my Mom and I went down to Fair Park to get our packets for the Hot Chocolate Run!

Day 34: 0 Miles - Rest Day! 

Day 35: 9.40 Miles - Hot Chocolate 15k! I did an awesome job! My finish time was sub-01:50:00, which was the goal. Running buddy HC ran with me. It was a great morning! MS didn't make it down cause he had worked a 50hr week so far, and I "gave" him the morning off to rest. I had to pop into work for a little bit, but it was a really good day! My Garmin said I ran a 9.40, which is not to bad considering the 1k distance 9.3

Total Miles this week: 20.53 Miles

Miles to Date: 43.26 Miles