Saturday, November 11, 2017

2017 OMaD - Weeks 42 - 45

OMG! Where has the time gone! I can't believe that I've missed out on almost a month worth of postings! Things have been cray-cray over here, but it's all ends beautifully!

In the time that I've been away I tried my best to fit running and workouts in.. however the closer I got to our wedding day... the less time I had.

I'm happy to say that I'm married to my best friend and almost stress free!!

October 15 - 21   

Day 288:  3.18 Miles - A good 5k in the park. Nothing special to report.

Day 289: 0 Miles - This was a crazy day! First thing in the morning, M and I got our marriage license! Eeeeeh! S$%T got real, man! We celebrated by having breakfast at Cindi's New York Deli and Bakery. Yum! After that we had our final meeting with the wedding venue. Then! We went to the State Fair! So much fun! We got our Fletcher's Corny Dog (SOOOO GOOD! I could've eaten 3 of them, at least!), a Tamale Donut and I got a pineapple and chocolate swirled ice cream cone! 

Day 290: 0 Miles - No running today. I honestly can't remember why! 

Day 291: 0 Miles - I got up early to go to a special work training this morning, which meant I got out of work early later in the day. I met my mom at our wedding venue to test some things out. She then took me shopping for a new pair of jeans for our trip!

Day 292: 0 Miles -No running today. I was starting to get tired. I worked an event in the afternoon, so I was crazy tired when I got home.

Day 293: 0 Miles - Today, was the day for a breakdown. I basically worked on printing some wedding stuff during the day, and tried to cut the papers on the work's paper cutter (totally allowed) and it was messing up. Basically.... I broke down in the car after work. I was so upset that I couldn't get my wedding errands done. I went home and bawled my eyes out and called my mom. I ended up going to her place for help and M met me there after he got off of work.

Day 294: 0  Miles - Today was better... but I was very tired so thankfully with my mom's help there wasn't much I needed to do.

Total Miles this week: 3.18 Miles -

Miles to Date: 305.12 Miles

October 22 - 28    

Day 295:  2.51 Miles - I tried to run today, but I was breaking out in what seems like hives when I was running. I think it was stress, sweat and a reaction to a different lotion I've been using. I swear the itch on my skin was worse than chigger bites! I had to cut my run short to get home quick to shower.

Later that night was my Bachelorette Party. My friends took me to an Escape Room, which was loads of fun. We totally did a great job solving the puzzles, but we were in a room that needed more players so we didn't make it out in time. But it was so much fun! After that we had a totally delicious dinner and drinks at Mesa Maya. Yum!

Day 296: 0 Miles - I honestly can't remember what I did today.

Day 297: 0 Miles - I remember going to work and having a pizza party with my coworkers.

Day 298: 0 Miles - This was my last day of work. I was working hard on getting things prepped for people would be filling in my spot for me. I also printed out all of the wedding programs and cut them out by today.

Day 299: 0 Miles - First day off! From what I can remember, M and I went to get M's hair cut and to pick up his suit and we worked on packing things. We had a awesome BBQ dinner with Mark's aunt and cousins from Ohio.  We did go to the grocery store to buy a butt load of food for our rehearsal dinner (potluck) and to make rice cripsy treat wedding favors.

That night was full of stress, a lot of tears, a lot of frustration, a lot of everything. I ended up with a stress migraine. Because of misunderstanding with my bridesmaids, M and I were up till 4am working on the rice crispies.

Day 300: 0 Miles - The day before the wedding! That morning I stopped by my mom's to see if they needed any help with the flowers. Then I came back to my place to meet up with two of my friends/bridesmaids. Our wedding rehearsal was in the afternoon. We drove to downtown Plano and got some much needed coffee (let me tell you, I love the Dirty Chai at XO Coffee). The weather was crazy that day! It was 80 degrees on Thursday and today it was in the 50s. It actually started to sleet on the way to the venue!

Our rehearsal went really well, and we all felt confident! We all dispersed ways to only meet up again at my parents house for a potluck rehearsal dinner, which was a lot of fun!

After the dinner, my friends and I stayed up late with my mom, aunt and sister-in-law to make the bouquets. It was a late night, but it was fun. I love my SIL for the fact that she knew how to do bouquets!!!!

Day 301: 0  Miles - IT'S HERE!!!! WEDDING DAY!!!! Aaahhh! I work a little later than expected. I decided on the fly not to get my nails done with one of my bridesmaids cause I was tired of driving everywhere. My two other girls, who spent the night, and I had coffee then went shopping for accessories for their hair. While I got my hair done they bought some cardigans for their dresses since it got so cold.

Every so often M would call since he and his dudes were in charge of decorating the venue. They did an awesome job!

After getting my hair done, I checked into the hotel that M and I were staying at that night. A nice little special touch! Then the day was starting to be a little bit of a blur in some respects. We got to the venue and into the bridal suite. It took a little longer than expected to get ready so we didn't have as much time for bridal pictures as we expected, but it was ok.

The ceremony started a little later than expected, but that's OK I guess. I remember walking in with my girls through a bar next door to the venue (that was an experience!) then the venue staff did a great job helping us with staging walking down the hall to the ceremony room. They weren't their for coordination but to take care of the facility, but they did this anyway! So awesome! I remember seeing my dad practice his "Her mother and I do" in the hall" while I was around the corner. I waved at my soon-to-be Brother-in-Law who was helping with our music. He was so worried that he would mess up, but did amazing! I remember the venue girls fluffing my dress a little, and my dad and I started walking in.

I fixed my eyes on M and the ceremony went to by so fast and yet not fast at all... I wanted to giggle I was so happy. I nearly cried during my vows. It was awesome!

After the ceremony we took pictures outdoors and then we were back inside. The reception was great! It was so hard to talk to everyone - we had about 60 or so, but maybe less. We had a great buffet dinner. There was a Polaroid camera photobooth. Cake was awesome! We had glow stick necklaces for everyone to play around with when we exited the venue. It was a lot of fun! I can't believe it happened!

 We stayed in our hotel. We were so tired that we basically got into PJs and talked about our day leading up to the wedding and at the event. Then we passed out in bed! :P

Total Miles this week: 2.51 Miles -

Miles to Date: 307.63 Miles

October 29 - November 4   

Day 302:  0 Miles - First day as a married person! Whah?! M and I got donuts and cappuccinos near our hotel after we checked out. Mmmm. We got home and started packing for our honeymoon. I actually needed to do a load of laundry too. We took the kitty cat Jackson down to my parents house, and we got to see my siblings and aunt one last time before they headed home. We ate dinner at Afrah Mediterranean.

Day 303: 0 Miles - M's Dad picked us up dark and early this morning to take us to the airport. Going through ticketing and security was a breeze. We had egg bagel sandwiches while we waited for our flight. We landed in Boston and I got to drive through the highways out of Massachusetts and into New Hampshire and into Vermont. The fall colors were ah-mazing! 

Day 304: 0 Miles - We love Vermont! We stayed in Woodstock, which is a gorgeous little town. We stuck close to our inn and enjoyed the town. Did some shopping. It was so nice!

Day 305: 3.11 Miles - I went for a run through a cover bridge on the carriage roads that were part of the Billings Park/Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park that went up the side of Mount Tom. It was a lot fun and so so so quiet and secluded! Later in the day M and I went to a maple syrup and cheese farm. It was so cold and fun! We brought home a lot of stuff from the farm! :P Oh! And I ate apple pie with cheddar cheese for the first time!

Day 306: 0 Miles - Another nice quiet day. We ate our last dinner in Woodstock at the Simon Pearce restaurant. We got to see the glass blowing forges below the restaurant. Fun! I ad creme brulee for the first time for dessert!

Day 307: 0 Miles - I was sad to leave Woodstock. I loved our stay. So did M. We ate breakfast at a diner and went to an antique mall in Quechee before driving into Boston for last part of our stay.

Day 308: 8  Miles - Ah! Boston! We walked the Freedom Trail today, which took all day instead of a few hours like we expected. It was a lot of fun though!  I'm totally counting 8 miles this as an exercise it my body totally felt the trek. The trail is 2.5 miles long, but add in leaving and going back to the hotel (2 miles) and somehow all the weaving around we ended up with 9 miles that day. For dinner I had my first ever Lobster Roll and New England Clam Chowder!

Total Miles this week: 11.11 Miles 

Miles to Date: 313.05 Miles

November 5 - 11   

Day 309:  4.0 Miles - I ran in Boston! I ran from our hotel through the downtown to Boston Commons. Not even halfway through this 0.80 portion I lost GPS and didn't get it back until I was in Boston Commons. I ran part of the Commons, but more so in the Public Gardens. I saw the Make Way for Ducklings statues and I took a lot of pictures. I did run on part of the Commonwealth greens, which was gorgeous! I didn't lose GPS on the way back to the hotel, but it totally thought I went on a crazy route and said I had my fast mile (8 min/1mi), which I'm doubt really happened. It was a lot of fun, my feet only hurt a little bit after the long we had the day before.

After getting back to the hotel to get clean, M and I got my donuts ate Kane's Donuts and walked into the city. We found the Boston Public Library, which I heard is gorgeous inside (it was closed unfortunately cause it was Sunday morning). I was more excited about seeing the Boston Marathon Finish Line, which was right next to the library! It was awesome! Mecca!!!

We got back to the hotel to chill before checking out. In the time before we left for the airport we did stop by a massive Old Navy and I bought a new cardigan. Airport ticketing and security wasn't as easy going home as before, but it wasn't horrible. My parents picked us and took us home.

Day 310: 0 Miles - Our first day back! We did gobs of laundry and started working on the

Day 311: 3.17 Miles - I thought it was a little warmer than what it said it was on the weather app (windy, especially) so I a little under dressed. It was a good run, and it was nice to be back at my old park, but I do kinda miss a different scenery. 

Day 312: 0 Miles - Rest day. I'm not quite ready for gym work just yet

Day 313: 3.10 Miles -This was a little bit of a harder run that Tuesday, but it was nice and cool out, and dressed just right. It was good to get a run in before going back to work for the first time in two weeks! Thankfully it was a quiet day! I had a lot of emails to catch up on.

Day 314: 0 Miles -It was a Staff Training Day. I was going to go to the gym to work out (burn off the junk food from training), but the elliptical weren't working and the other gym with the spin bikes was being used for soccer practice. So, I just walked around for 2 miles. Since I literally sat all day long I'm not counting the 2 miles because it's what I would've done at least if I was working normally.

Day 315: 0 Miles - Rest Day at work. I did sneak in some time to work on my training schedule for the Rock n Roll Half Marathon that is happening at the end of March 2018. :-)

Total Miles this week: 10.28 Miles -

Miles to Date: 323.33 Miles

Saturday, October 14, 2017

2017 OMaD - Week 41

Well... straight onto week 2 of getting back into a routine. And less than 3 weeks till the wedding! Life is getting hectic again, but thankfully, working is providing me with an outlet! Why did I ever take a break?

October 8 - 14   

Day 281:  4.12 Miles -Surprisingly, I work up (granted a little later than I had hoped for) and felt mostly fine and normal. Yay! No cold yet! M on the other hand might be getting the seasonal sickness. Anyway, I actually woke up right when he was leaving for work. I got to the park around 8:10. The temp was sooooo nice! Hello, 63 degrees! I also wore my new tank top, and it was great! I felt good enough over all that I ended up with 4 miles instead of the standard 5k. Yay!

Day 282: 0 Miles - Arm Day! I arms didn't ache as bad they did last week! Yay! Once M was at work I went to my mom's so that we could work on the wedding flowers!

Day 283: 3.12 Miles - I honestly don't remember this run! But I do remember it being chilly! I wore capris and a t-shirt!

Day 284: 0 Miles - I did a mini kettlebell workout cause I was losing energy quickly! I got off of work early so that we could meet with the wedding photographer.

Day 285: 0 Miles - I didn't run today. There was so much to do on my day off. M and I did some wedding work. Then I took the kitty cat to the vet for his check-up (he's healthy!). Then I had a hair appointment to get it all trimmed up and add new highlights. After that I met up with my friend HL to shop for some wedding make up. Whew! After we hung out for a couple of hours, I got the oil changed in the car and went to Hobby Lobby for some photobooth stuff. I finally rested at my Mom's house for a while before heading home.

Day 186: 0 Miles - This morning I was getting a little overwhelmed with everything. I just sat there and read the news instead of going to the gym or doing yoga. At one pointed I ended up in bed for a about 10 minutes to get away from the world.Work was very busy, thankfully! After being freed from work I spent the night with my best friends at Shakespear in the Park eating Chinese food. Mmmm!

Day 287: 0  Miles - Last day of the week! I'm so tired! I'm glad that the weekend is here, but I know that it's not going to be a relaxing one. Maybe I'll be able to catch a nap at some point!

Total Miles this week: 7.24 Miles -

Miles to Date: 301.94 Miles

Sunday, October 8, 2017

2017 OMaD - Week 40

It's OCTOBER! I have less than 4 weeks till our wedding. I wrote up a training plan to get back to 15k distance that will lead me to a half marathon distance after 10 weeks of the 15k training schedule. I don't start the training just yet, but I'm going to get myself back to the routine before I jump into it.

October 1 - 7  

Day 274:  3.12 Miles - I ran a 5k, and it was rough. I definitely feel out of shape. I need to get everything back! Ugh! My besties were suppose to come over for lunch, see our new home, and do some wedding shopping. But, alas, they couldn't make it. Boo! So I spent the day veggie in front of Netflix.

Day 275: 0 Miles - Upper Body Strength Training! Mondays are when I do my upper body now. I was so nervous of maybe having someone beat me to the gym and hog all the equipment. But I lucked out and I was practically alone. When I got back after 20 minutes I also did 50 sit ups. M had to massage my arms before I could even lift my coffee cup to my lips! During breakfast M and I worked on our wedding ceremony planning. Then! While he was at work, I went shopping and recon on other things to buy for the wedding reception. After everything I went to the grocery store started dinner. It was a LONG day!

Day 276: 0 Miles - I had no motivation today to go for my run. I got up early. Drank my coffee. Stared out of our living room window at the drizzly rain that was going on out there in the world. I have no one to be accountable but myself and maybe M. But, some days, that is not good enough. I wish I had a running buddy, like HC, that I could run with. But I don't (she's training for a marathon and is far past the limit of mileage that I can do.). Anyway, I pretty did not go for my run. And I totally regretted it later on... when it was too late for me to go. It sucked. Pretty much the rest of my day was crappy, but ended well. 

Day 277: 0 Miles - Kettlebell Day. I had my first "wedding related nightmare" early, early this morning. Pretty much right before my 6:15am alarm I had a nightmare where we were at our wedding venue (which really wasn't our venue) and I realized that I left my make up (something I typically don't wear) and accessories at home. My bridesmaids went out to collect everything, but they were lost and couldn't find anything. But my phone was some weird looking clicker with missing buttons. Basically, the entire wedding was running late. It was nasty and uber stressful.

So I forced myself up and I got my kettlebell workout in. The rest of the day I went well. I finally got all my bridal shower "Thank You" cards done during my lunch hour. After work I also picked up a couple items for our centerpieces to play with.

Day 278: 3.14 Miles - I got up before 7am and tried to stretch while sipping my coffee and catching up on the news. I was going a little slower than I should have and didn't get out to the park until a little before 8am. But it was not bad. I felt good running a 5k. I could tell my pace was fast but I wasn't overly tired and winded. I was definitely sore from working out earlier this week. My 5k time was 40 minutes and some change, which is not bad. M and I worked on some wedding plans before we both headed off to a crazy day at work! 

Day 279: 0 Miles - Another Cross-Training Day! Instead of going to gym to cycle, I decided to experiment with yoga. The reason? My muscles - from my arms to my hammies - were so so so sore it was hard to move at times yesterday. Last night M had massage my arm it hurt so much. Anyway! I tried out half of Runner's World's Class 5: Beginner Yoga and half of Runner's World's Class 1: Essential Yoga. So far, I'm liking Class 1 more (I should've gone with that one instead of starting with Class 5). I totally can tell that I do not have any finesse with yoga, but I'll still give it ago again! I can definitely say that my arms feel better, my legs may not be as sore. Though, I may have a crick in my back shoulder from one move.

After work I did, what felt like, a gobs of errands. I went to an Asian market to get some mung bean sprouts for dinner. Then I went to a Hobby Lobby to get some more stuff for the wedding. Last, I went to Dick's Sporting Goods to get a shirt that I saw the weekend before and a new running tank top. Then I was home for a quick break before I started making dinner, which was a Asian bowl with tempeh. I've never had tempeh before. It was actually really good, especially since we marinaded it in a sauce all day. We were still a little hungry after the vegan dinner so we had some Halo Top ice cream. 

Day 280: 0  Miles - Rest Day! I'm sure glad it's rest day! I woke up feeling sore, uber tired, and stuff going on in my sinuses that made me wonder if I'm finally catching the cold that's around me

Total Miles this week: 6.26 Miles

Miles to Date: 294.70 Miles

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Saturday, September 30, 2017

2017 OMaD - Week 37 to Week 39

Welp... I did it again. Life took over and I totally didn't even think about the blog. There's been a lot of ups and downs the past few weeks. Most of which I will not share here, but all is going well.

Wedding planning is still happening. Run... eh... sadly, not so much.

September 10 - 16 

Day 253:  3.29 Miles - I got in a short 5k and some change in before I had to get ready for my first bridal shower. My best friends (aka my wedding party) did a wonderful setting a low-key party at a local tea parlor. This one was for my family and closest friends, and it was so nice! I was nervous as all gets out before hand, but it was great once we go going!

Day 254: 0 Miles - Today M and I spent the day out. First we had a meeting with our caterer to go over the details of our reception. We finally got the menu you down! Yay! After that we drove up to Denton to have lunch at a Chinese place we both use to go to back in the day (years before we even met). Then we totally got hooked on buying records at the downtown square. It was a good day!

Day 255: 0 Miles - No running

Day 256: 0 Miles - Can't remember what I did this day.

Day 257: 0 Miles -Memory still a blur!

Day 258: 0 Miles - Ditto!

Day 259: 0  Miles -Yep, nada!

Total Miles this week: 3.29 Miles

Miles to Date: 285.28 Miles

September 17 - 23 

Day 260:  3.16 Miles - Another 5k run and another bridal shower! For the run, I had to park in a different are of the park due to a church fundraising 5k race. I didn't want to get mixed up in that. So I looped a 1 mile road a few times. After that I got dressed up really pretty (a nice dress I bought the week that M proposed to me, but never wore until now) and an old pair of earring that my grandma gave me for the wedding. The shower was hosted by my coworkers, and it was even more low key than my first shower. It was really nice. We had brunch (complete with my favorite ... cinnamon rolls!) and just chatting. I did get gifts as well.

That night M and I went out to dinner to celebrate our Engagement Anniversary (yes, we're silly) at Ida Claire! It was so yummy!

Day 261: 0 Miles - Today M and I had a chance to get some wedding things taken care of in the morning, then we had lunch at a friend's restaurant.

Day 262: 0 Miles - No running

Day 263: 0 Miles - Like last week - can't remember what I did this day.

Day 264: 0 Miles - Yep, the memory still a blur!

Day 265: 0 Miles - Eeeeh... Ditto!

Day 266: 0  Miles - Today was awesome! Me, M and our friend BM drove down to Austin to catch the Descendents concert! We got to stop at the Czech Stop and Buccees, two experience that were new to BM. When we got to Austin we went to Waterloo Records (a must!) then found a great little pizza place Hoboken Pie that the greatest Mediterranean Pizza (sauce and cheese with artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, and feta cheese) that was so good I was thinking about it for days! The concert was across the street and it was amazing! Afterwards... we drove back home to Dallas! Crazy! M did the driving and had lots of caffeine in his system. I feel asleep for a time. It was a great day!

Total Miles this week: 3.16 Miles

Miles to Date: 288.44 Miles

September 24 - 30  

Day 267:  0 Miles - No running today. I was way to tired and full of junk food to consider going out.

Day 268: 0 Miles - Today my mom and I worked on making a game plan for our wedding flowers. Yay! When M and I got home from the store later that night I discovered that our cat decided to eat the toxic flowers in the bouquet that I made. Dammit! He never got sick, but I was certainly sick with worry. He did sleep next to be that night, which he typically doesn't do. But he was just fine! Whew!

Day 269: 0 Miles - No running... I forget why.

Day 270: 0 Miles - Busy day at work.

Day 271: 0 Miles - Long day at work. I started working on a course for HM and MW's 17 mile run. At least I'm somewhat involved with my running buddies.

Day 272: 0 Miles - Today M and I had our first dinner guest at our apartment! M's brother DS came over. While we talked and hung out M cooked Tikka Marsala, which was soooo tasty! It was a great night!

Day 273: 0  Miles - So HM and MW told me that they missed me during their 17 miler (for one thing I'm good at directions), and it kinda bummed me out. I'm so out of shape. My endurance is gone. I'm getting fluffy. I'm starting to regret not trying to train for another marathon this year. Along time ago I decided not to cause I knew I would need to focus on the wedding planning. But honestly... the mornings of the days that I could have gone running we don't do much wedding planning. I'm desperately starting to count down the weeks till the wedding is over so that I can get back to a normal routine.

Total Miles this week: 0 Miles

Miles to Date: 288.44 Miles

2017 OMaD - Week 36

Oh, man this is the calm week before having something planned every single weekend for the next few weeks! 

September 3 - 9
Day 246:  5.28 Miles - I got myself up and out for a run before work. It was so humid that it took away any joy to the fact that it was 73 degrees outside. I cut my run from a 10k by a mile or so cause I was tired and done with it.

Day 247: 0 Miles - I had a well-earned coffee in bed for a couple hours after M went to work early, early in the morning. Then I did my chores. Then... I went on a hunt to find some gas for the car. I finally found a station that had been resupplied after the dodos freaked out over a potential fuel crisis after Harvey. (News flash... they created the shortage!). M got home and we did some wedding stuff shopping before heading to the grocery store.

Day 248: 2.70 Miles - Busy and stressful day. I didn't go for a run in the morning. But after work I headed to the gym to get on the elliptical. 

Day 249: 0 Miles - I did a mini workout when I got home with the kettle bell. I feel so proud of doing good so far.

Day 250: 0 Miles - I didn't run today cause M had another chiropractor appointment in the morning. I was a little jealous cause it was 64 degrees outside, and I would've felt amazing running in that temperature. Overall I had a great day off. I spent the day with my mom. We went to the antique store to find books for centerpieces for the wedding (we're having a vintage-y wedding). Then I got some ribbon to wrap around a hat that I'm wearing to one of my bridal shower on Sunday.

Day 251: 0 Miles - I did not feel great today all day. My stomach felt achy. I could eat, but I felt like I was punched in the top of my stomach. I was also tired. I was falling asleep at work right towards the end. I went home and laid in bed for a while, and even took a nap before cooking dinner. M didn't feel awesome in the morning, so we're thinking something about dinner the night before (lentil chili) did sit right.

Day 252: 0  Miles - Work was a bit chaotic at some points, but I felt so much better today compared to Friday so I'm thankful for that. Honestly, I'm starting to get nervous butterflies about my bridal shower tomorrow morning!

Total Miles this week: 7.98 Miles

Miles to Date: 281.99 Miles

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

2017 OMaD - Week 33 to Week 35

Sooo, I've been crazy busy at work and with life and with the wedding planning. A lot of days blend together. So I'm giving you some recaps all at one.

August 13 - 19

Day 225: 5.27  Miles - We had lightening stores all through the night. It actually started Saturday night before 10, but I was already falling asleep and missed it. The rained through the night, which mean the park was flooded in some areas. So my route was changed. Initially, I was hoping for a 10k, but with said new route I was going up more hills than planned so my legs were pooped. I started out later in the day (thanks to the fact that I was so tired I didn't wake up early with M, who had to go to work, and finally got out of bed around 7:30), but the temperature wasn't too bad. Humid. But not bad. It even rained on me at some point. Overall, it was a very good run.

When I got home, I chilled for a bit before calling a very good friend of mine and doing chores at the same time. Once M got home we totally undid our vegan/vegetarian ways by eating some really good BBQ.

Day 226: 0 Miles - What. A Busy. Day. First off, we went to a chiropractor to work on M. Then walked the mall. Then lunch. Then we had a meeting at our wedding venue with my parents and best man BM.

Day 227: 0 Miles - A blur!

Day 228: 0 Miles - A blur!

Day 229: 0 Miles - Still blurry!

Day 230 0 Miles - Even blurrier!

Day 231: 3.10 Miles - Today was the Melon Dash 5k in McKinney today. It was HOT. HUMID. My Garmin would not connect. So I ran without any guidance as to pace or distance. I passed buddies HC and MW at the beginning, but I had to walk due to the heat and humidity, and eventually MW passed me. The course was a lot hillier than predicted, but I did pretty good overall. My finish time was 00:35:49, which is a lot better than I was expecting. I just wish the humidity hadn't ruined my pace. Too bad breathing is crucial to running.

Total Miles this week: 8.37 Miles

Miles to Date: 261.79 Miles

August 20 - 26 

Day 232:   Miles - HC had asked if I wanted to run 10 miles with her, but after the race I felt horrible. I could hardly keep hydrated and my muscles was not happy. Plus, I had a big day this day.... I was meeting up with my friends and my mom to make our wedding invitations!

Day 233: 0 Miles - I spent the day with my mom. I got to mail our wedding invitations during the total eclipse too!

Day 234: 0 Miles - I totally rested

Day 235: 0 Miles - All

Day 236: 0 Miles - Of the w eek

Day 237: 0 Miles - To Recoup

Day 238: 0  Miles -From the race

Total Miles this week: 0 Miles

Miles to Date: 261.79 Miles

August 27 - September 2 

Day 239:  6.35 Miles - I was finally ready to run again.

Day 240: 0 Miles - Can't remember

Day 241: 3.17 Miles - This was a long run. I can't wait for it to cool down!

Day 242: 2.70 Miles - M has been going to a chiropractor Thursday morning, which means I can't get a run it before work. So, I went to the gym and hopped onto the elliptical to get a workout.

Day 243: 0 Miles - Busy.

Day 244: 0 Miles - I need a break! I did do a kettle bell work out after work. It was a tough since I've been a lazy but for a long time!

Day 245: 0  Miles - Can I rest now?

Total Miles this week: 12.22 Miles

Miles to Date: 274.01 Miles

Thursday, August 17, 2017

2017 OMaD - Week 32

My on-going shoe drama (well, not really drama, but problems). Continuing with the plant-based cooking too!

August 6 - 12

Day 218: 3.10 Miles - So, I had set my alarm to get me up early so that I could get a descent run in before meeting up with the family. I got up, but I was moving slow. So I only got a 5k in, which isn't too bad. We got to the family's house on time, and we headed out to Trinity Forest Aerial Adventure Park. This was a lot of fun. Buut, I want to say that the second round we tried a harder course, and it was hard from the get-go. M was in front of me so I would have to ask how he did something. I will have to admit I little-cried a couple of times cause I was getting tired and was doubting myself in my ability to do something. But I did it! After that course my arms were pooped. So I just watched my siblings do another course.

After that morning fun, we had a nice lunch before heading back to the house. I basically passed out on the couch with M for about an hour. We eventually left for home where we worked on wedding stuff. We had a nice dinner at a new spot (Fish City Grill). Then I basically passed out again. The heat totally sucked out our energy.

Day 219: 0 Miles - M had to work today. So it was just me having adventures. I visited my doctor to hear my blood results (I'm healthy people!). Then I spent the day with my mom and sister-in-law. We stopped by the running store to get fitted for shoes again. I was fitted for an 11wide in my Saucony Omni, but I liked the feeling of the 11.5. I felt good when I left. We had Greek for lunch (YUM!) before continuing on our adventure before my brother and sister-in-law had to leave for Houston. At the end of the day Mom and I headed to Old Navy to continue the hunt for a dress for my bridal shower (I wanted something other than the ordinary dresses I wear to work). I eventually found one, which is pretty and is flowy loose. It's the style with the elastic waste that let's it drape around the bust. I'm not use to that look, but it was comfy, which is nice. It'll look great with the straw hat I bought for it. Plus, I have a cardigan that would look so cute with it if it's chilly in the room! Yay!

Day 220:  0 Miles - So, I tried running in m 11.5 wide shoes. And, my legs were still tired and my feet hurt. I think that might be do to lacing of the shoe (unknown at the moment), but I think the shoes are too big - even as a wide. Even M thinks so. Soooo. I'm going to try the 11 regulars I bought online and see how they work out. I hate this shoe drama!

Day 221:  2.50 Miles - Day Three of cooking from a plant-based cookbook Forks of Over Knives Cookbook - Pinto Bean Stew with Hominy and Spicy Cilantro Pesto. Pesto was made with tofu, and it was surprisingly really good! M did all the prepping of veggies and made the pesto for me so all I had to do was whip the stew together when I got home.

Day 222: 3.10 Miles -Sooooo. I ran today! A complete 5k with minimal discomfort. No burning aches. Very line shin stuff. I ran the the original Saucony Omni 11 regulars that I ordered online last week. Sooo. Maybe my mind was playing with me, and there is nothing wrong the shoes? I think I'm going to keep them and exchange the running store pair for the correct size.

Day 223: 0 Miles - No gym again. I totally slept in, which was very much needed. M had the day off, which involved him running errands including getting x-rays done to take the chiropractor next week. I didn't have much in the prospects for lunch that sounded awesome to me, so M loves me enough to pick up a sammy from Which Wich, which is one of our favorite sandwich places in town, and brought it to work. It was really nice to spend the lunch hour together. Of course, I really wanted to go home with him and take a nap instead of going to work.

Day 224: 0 Miles - Work, work, and more work!

Total Miles this week: 8.70 Miles

Miles to Date: 253.42 Miles