Wednesday, September 6, 2017

2017 OMaD - Week 33 to Week 35

Sooo, I've been crazy busy at work and with life and with the wedding planning. A lot of days blend together. So I'm giving you some recaps all at one.

August 13 - 19

Day 225: 5.27  Miles - We had lightening stores all through the night. It actually started Saturday night before 10, but I was already falling asleep and missed it. The rained through the night, which mean the park was flooded in some areas. So my route was changed. Initially, I was hoping for a 10k, but with said new route I was going up more hills than planned so my legs were pooped. I started out later in the day (thanks to the fact that I was so tired I didn't wake up early with M, who had to go to work, and finally got out of bed around 7:30), but the temperature wasn't too bad. Humid. But not bad. It even rained on me at some point. Overall, it was a very good run.

When I got home, I chilled for a bit before calling a very good friend of mine and doing chores at the same time. Once M got home we totally undid our vegan/vegetarian ways by eating some really good BBQ.

Day 226: 0 Miles - What. A Busy. Day. First off, we went to a chiropractor to work on M. Then walked the mall. Then lunch. Then we had a meeting at our wedding venue with my parents and best man BM.

Day 227: 0 Miles - A blur!

Day 228: 0 Miles - A blur!

Day 229: 0 Miles - Still blurry!

Day 230 0 Miles - Even blurrier!

Day 231: 3.10 Miles - Today was the Melon Dash 5k in McKinney today. It was HOT. HUMID. My Garmin would not connect. So I ran without any guidance as to pace or distance. I passed buddies HC and MW at the beginning, but I had to walk due to the heat and humidity, and eventually MW passed me. The course was a lot hillier than predicted, but I did pretty good overall. My finish time was 00:35:49, which is a lot better than I was expecting. I just wish the humidity hadn't ruined my pace. Too bad breathing is crucial to running.

Total Miles this week: 8.37 Miles

Miles to Date: 261.79 Miles

August 20 - 26 

Day 232:   Miles - HC had asked if I wanted to run 10 miles with her, but after the race I felt horrible. I could hardly keep hydrated and my muscles was not happy. Plus, I had a big day this day.... I was meeting up with my friends and my mom to make our wedding invitations!

Day 233: 0 Miles - I spent the day with my mom. I got to mail our wedding invitations during the total eclipse too!

Day 234: 0 Miles - I totally rested

Day 235: 0 Miles - All

Day 236: 0 Miles - Of the w eek

Day 237: 0 Miles - To Recoup

Day 238: 0  Miles -From the race

Total Miles this week: 0 Miles

Miles to Date: 261.79 Miles

August 27 - September 2 

Day 239:  6.35 Miles - I was finally ready to run again.

Day 240: 0 Miles - Can't remember

Day 241: 3.17 Miles - This was a long run. I can't wait for it to cool down!

Day 242: 2.70 Miles - M has been going to a chiropractor Thursday morning, which means I can't get a run it before work. So, I went to the gym and hopped onto the elliptical to get a workout.

Day 243: 0 Miles - Busy.

Day 244: 0 Miles - I need a break! I did do a kettle bell work out after work. It was a tough since I've been a lazy but for a long time!

Day 245: 0  Miles - Can I rest now?

Total Miles this week: 12.22 Miles

Miles to Date: 274.01 Miles

Thursday, August 17, 2017

2017 OMaD - Week 32

My on-going shoe drama (well, not really drama, but problems). Continuing with the plant-based cooking too!

August 6 - 12

Day 218: 3.10 Miles - So, I had set my alarm to get me up early so that I could get a descent run in before meeting up with the family. I got up, but I was moving slow. So I only got a 5k in, which isn't too bad. We got to the family's house on time, and we headed out to Trinity Forest Aerial Adventure Park. This was a lot of fun. Buut, I want to say that the second round we tried a harder course, and it was hard from the get-go. M was in front of me so I would have to ask how he did something. I will have to admit I little-cried a couple of times cause I was getting tired and was doubting myself in my ability to do something. But I did it! After that course my arms were pooped. So I just watched my siblings do another course.

After that morning fun, we had a nice lunch before heading back to the house. I basically passed out on the couch with M for about an hour. We eventually left for home where we worked on wedding stuff. We had a nice dinner at a new spot (Fish City Grill). Then I basically passed out again. The heat totally sucked out our energy.

Day 219: 0 Miles - M had to work today. So it was just me having adventures. I visited my doctor to hear my blood results (I'm healthy people!). Then I spent the day with my mom and sister-in-law. We stopped by the running store to get fitted for shoes again. I was fitted for an 11wide in my Saucony Omni, but I liked the feeling of the 11.5. I felt good when I left. We had Greek for lunch (YUM!) before continuing on our adventure before my brother and sister-in-law had to leave for Houston. At the end of the day Mom and I headed to Old Navy to continue the hunt for a dress for my bridal shower (I wanted something other than the ordinary dresses I wear to work). I eventually found one, which is pretty and is flowy loose. It's the style with the elastic waste that let's it drape around the bust. I'm not use to that look, but it was comfy, which is nice. It'll look great with the straw hat I bought for it. Plus, I have a cardigan that would look so cute with it if it's chilly in the room! Yay!

Day 220:  0 Miles - So, I tried running in m 11.5 wide shoes. And, my legs were still tired and my feet hurt. I think that might be do to lacing of the shoe (unknown at the moment), but I think the shoes are too big - even as a wide. Even M thinks so. Soooo. I'm going to try the 11 regulars I bought online and see how they work out. I hate this shoe drama!

Day 221:  2.50 Miles - Day Three of cooking from a plant-based cookbook Forks of Over Knives Cookbook - Pinto Bean Stew with Hominy and Spicy Cilantro Pesto. Pesto was made with tofu, and it was surprisingly really good! M did all the prepping of veggies and made the pesto for me so all I had to do was whip the stew together when I got home.

Day 222: 3.10 Miles -Sooooo. I ran today! A complete 5k with minimal discomfort. No burning aches. Very line shin stuff. I ran the the original Saucony Omni 11 regulars that I ordered online last week. Sooo. Maybe my mind was playing with me, and there is nothing wrong the shoes? I think I'm going to keep them and exchange the running store pair for the correct size.

Day 223: 0 Miles - No gym again. I totally slept in, which was very much needed. M had the day off, which involved him running errands including getting x-rays done to take the chiropractor next week. I didn't have much in the prospects for lunch that sounded awesome to me, so M loves me enough to pick up a sammy from Which Wich, which is one of our favorite sandwich places in town, and brought it to work. It was really nice to spend the lunch hour together. Of course, I really wanted to go home with him and take a nap instead of going to work.

Day 224: 0 Miles - Work, work, and more work!

Total Miles this week: 8.70 Miles

Miles to Date: 253.42 Miles

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

2017 OMaD - Week 31

A new month! Where is the time going! This week has been nice since the temperature has been cooled down and it doesn't feel like an oven in the morning! Yay!

July 30 - August 5

Day 211: 4.10 Miles - M had to work, so I was able to get up with him and get myself out the door. It was a little later than I wanted, but it wasn't horrible. The 4 miler wasn't bad, but I'm starting to think that my shoes are giving out. Eeesh! I had to work later that, but it wasn't crazy either. After being adults M and I went out for a date night and completely stuffed ourselves with Mediterranean food. Yum!

Day 212: 0 Miles - Rest day. M and I did some must needed chores, but also some rest!

Day 213:  3.11 Miles - Another day off! M and I went for a run/walk at the park. Then we decided to stop by the gym to work on our chests and backs. Afterwards, I met up with my bestie JM to walk around the mall in search of a dress and hat for my bridal shower. I have no clue what she is planning with my other bridesmaids but all I know that I need a dress and hat. Hmmm! I couldn't find a dress that I liked, but I found a hat at Target. Once I survived traffic (horrible!) I picked up M and we got to the grocery store. Whew! A very busy day!

Day 214:  0 Miles - Work as usual. I did make a vegan chili (veggies and lentils) from the cookbook Forks over Knives. It was super easy (granted M prepped all the chopped veggies for me), and it was super tasty! Of course, we added shredded cheese to our chili since we're not vegan. It was tasty! (Did I say that already?). 

Day 215: 3.12 Miles - Back to the park for a run/walk! M walks 2 miles by the time I'm heading back in from a 5k run. I definitely need new shoes. My shins are starting to ache a lot during the run, which sucks! Thankfully I have a gift card to Amazon that will help bring me some shoes in a couple of days! Yay!

Day 216: 0 Miles - Got my shoes in the mail! Yay! Buuut, I swear they feel a little weird. May it's my feet being swollen at the end of the day?

Day 217: 0 Miles - I was so happy to be home after work, which was crazy! HC had to back out of the run tomorrow morning, so my accountability has gone out the window! I was already a little worried about timing anyway because M and I have to be at my parents house by 9:30 to join in some fun. We shall see how it goes!

Total Miles this week: 10.33 Miles

Miles to Date: 244.72 Miles

Thursday, August 3, 2017

2017 OMaD - Week 30

This week could not end soon enough! Running with friends then rock climbing with friends!

July 23 - 29

Day 204: 7.54 Miles - I met HC and MW at the crack of dawn... well, a little after that, but I was totally awake at 4:30am to get me to the lake by 6am! We did the 30:30 interval again, and it really well and smoothly! Until the very end it felt like I hadn't ran that distance. In some ways I felt like I had cheated. Did I really run? I may need to bump it up to a different interval when I'm with the them.

Day 205: 0 Miles - Honestly, this is one of the days that is a complete blur to me!

Day 206:  0 Miles - I know I didn't run to day for whatever reason other than the fact that I've been tiiired!

Day 207:  0 Miles - Oh, Wednesday. It was a very busy day at work, and that is all I can tell you!

Day 208: 3.10 Miles - I ran today! M and I both woke up late. To make me feel better M said we could go to the gym. I ran on the treadmill for a 5k before letting M show me different machines that I can use for strength training!

Day 209: 0 Miles - I did do something very exciting today after work! I went rock climbing with some work/running friends! I have never rock climbed in my life! I have to admit I was nervous in looking like a dummy or not being able to do it because I have very little upper body strength. It was a lot of fun, and I could do parts of the wall that other newbies couldn't! Yay! I know I'm going to be sore as heck tomorrow, and it's going to be awesome! What was great is you have to go through an orientation before you do anything because it is dangerous and can manage to get yourself pretty high up the wall! So, ladies on a given Friday night at Summit Climbing Gym it's ladies night for $10. Do it with some friends! After the fun time, we all ate a little Japanese restaurant where I had a miso ramen. Mmmm. Yum!

Day 210: 0 Miles - Remember rock climbing? Yeah! I'm sore. In my arms and back. It's awesome. But it also made me super tired!

Total Miles this week: 10.64 Miles

Miles to Date: 234.39 Miles

2017 OMaD Week 29

A crazy and yet slow week!

July 16 - 22

Day 197: 6.20 Miles - A nice 10k run at the Lake. I meet HC there around 7am, and I ran along with her 30:30 interval pattern. It a good easy, slow run, but still a challenge at the end due to the heat and, at least me, trying to keep my pace fast during the run interval. I ran back and forth for the last .20 mile because I like having an exact distance if I can (5k and 10k especially. 15k or higher... I'm good). When I got home M was already at work. I made a great breakfast of scrambled eggs and veggies with a slice of toast. I totally lounged around and took a nap before popping by the store to get some watermelon for a nice dessert for the second outing to Shakespeare in the Park with my best friends.

Day 198: 0 Miles - Monday was like a marathon day! I went to my doctors office to have a blood draw done for my yearly labs. I'm curious to see how things are. Is my cholesterol up? Is my iron better? About that thyroid? We'll see! After I ate a breakfast an got some coffee I could think straight and was a normal human being (I was kinda upset at M before I left for the doctors cause I was hangry and was having coffee withdrawals). Mom and I went picked up my wedding dress from the tailor! It's perfect and so beautiful! (Side note: I'm so glad that I didn't go with a dress that I was considering at Alfred Angelo cause I would be freaking out like hundreds of brides everywhere right now!). After securing the dress in a closet at my parents house, I met up with M for lunch at our favorite chinese spot. Then we got some coffee (ice mocha... yum!) before making it over to Bed, Bath and Beyond to begin our registry! OMG! We were there for 4 hours! Whah?!?! We got home and rested for a bit, then decided on the fly to go to Target and the registry done there too. Now.. we're all set for this and making strides with the wedding plans!

Day 199:  3.13 Miles - So a big day, in some respects! M went to the park with me! He walked for a little bit while I ran a 5k. I told me later, when he was getting ready for work, that he felt more energized than normal (such as on a day that he just lounges around for a couple of hours after his morning coffee), which is great to hear! 

Day 200:  0 Miles - We were planning to hit the gym for strength training before I got off to work, but we didn't wake up on time. It was kinda crappy, but at the same time I wasn't too surprised.

Day 201: 0 Miles - So, we didn't have a run/walk today because we had to drive to the other side of Dallas to meet the pastor who will conduct our wedding ceremony. It was great meet-up, and we both feel like the wedding is real now cause we know who will be marrying us! I was a little late getting to work, but it was all worth it!

Day 202: 0 Miles - I was secretly hoping that we might got to the gym before work, but yesterday with the combo of being our pastor and a big busy day at work, I slept in.

Day 203: 0 Miles - I'm totally resting today since I agreed to meet with HC and MW for a training at the lake tomorrow morning.

Total Miles this week: 9.33 Miles

Miles to Date: 223.75 Miles

Saturday, July 15, 2017

2017 OMaD - Week 28

A busy week that started with a great race!

July 9 - 15

Day 190: 3.11 Miles - Too Hot to Handle race! I was up and at 'em starting at4:30am. I hydrated really well on Saturday, which I think helped me in the morning. If I'm dehydrated or wake up thirsty it takes me longer to feel comfortable to get up. I was out the door around 5:50ish, and I was at Norbuck Park around 6:30. My running/walking friends/coworkers were set to show up aaaaaany minute. Well, more like 7am. Oh, well. I got their early and did my potty breaksss (plural). I was feeling good! The plan was to run with HC and MW, who have the plan to run intervals with a 11:20 pace and negative splits. I was going to run with them then peel off at the very end of the race to beat them (cause I'm very competitive during races, especially 5ks). However, we the corral moved up to the start line I lost track of where they were. I couldn't tell if they were in front of me or behind me! Gah!

I started the race with about a 10:25 pace. Way too fast, actually. But with the flow of people, I kept on running and told myself to "See how far you can go." I ran the first mile straight through. About 1.5 in I did a quick pause. Right around then was when the course loops back a bit. This was when I saw HC and MW. They were behind me by 0.25 of  a mile. I had to keep going with minimal if not no walk breaks until I had created bigger gap between them and me. During the last mile I did give myself longer pauses (I'd say about 10 seconds or so). My legs were definitely getting tired, but I had the drive to keep on going! My official finish time was 00:32:51. Not my fastest 5k finish, but I totally squashed my training time by at least 5 minutes! Yay!

A side note on the race itself: It was really good! I've done this race a handful of times before. The course is a a little different than the last time I ran the 5k, and I like it better. There were two water stations for the 5k. They track pads in pace 

After the race, we had breakfast at a place called Chubby's, and I treated myself to french toast and the works. Hee hee. But to be fair this was also my lunch, and it got me through work later that day. For dinner, M took me out to Pho and spring rolls. YUM! I spent the rest of the late night with my sister helping doggie sit. I pretty much gave the dogs and cats fresh water and I went straight to be I was so tired!

Day 191: 0 Miles - I had doggie duty in the morning, but I spent a couple of hours with Mark before a good friend/groomsman The Marine came over to do the wedding suit shopping deal. After all said and done a few hours later, we were back home again and release from our duties. We stopped by DSW to get some running shoes (he won't be running, but walking and cross training) before going to store to get supplies for our Cincinnati Chili night complete with Graeter's ice cream!

Day 192:  0 Miles - I had a hair cut appointment this morning, and I didn't wake up early enough to get a run in. Don't you ever feel soooo much better when you get your hair cut? I do! It's so nice! I spent the rest of the morning picking who to contact for a officiant for our wedding. And, we figured out our strength training schedule too. I even think he'll go for a walk in the park when I go run too! This is exciting!

Day 193:  0 Miles - I was off today because I worked on Sunday. So, I spent the day shopping for birthday presents for my besties, going to the grocery store, and spending time with my mom. Mom went to a family reunion last week, and she ended up with gobs of family photos. We spent a good hour or more going through some of them!

Day 194: 0 Miles - So. I went to bed last night thinking that I would run this morning, but I was so tired the motivation wasn't there. This morning, I snoozed my alarm so many times that by the time I was awake the temperature was already in the 80s. In my mind way too hot to run. Though I felt bad that I missed my run, I was home with M when our potential wedding officiant called us! So it all worked out!

Day 195: 0 Miles - I snoozed my alarm I don't know how many times.... but it equaled out for about an hour. Thankfully I was saved by the fact that I had to buy some supplies for work an had already told my boss that I would show up a bit late. Whew! After work I met up with my besties to have a Girls Night at Shakespeare in the Park eating some amazingly delicious pizza from Cane Rosso.

Day 196: 0 Miles - I woke up late again, but not as bad. I'm so ready for the weekend (even thought it's going to busy)! I already know that after my run tomorrow morning, I'm going back into my PJs and I'm going to the Netflix and Nap thing before M gets home from work!

Total Miles this week: 3.11 Miles

Miles to Date: 214.42 Miles

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Update on Dream Races

So, since I'm on a little bit of a big race hiatus this year I've been dreaming about more big races that I would like to run in the future whenever the opportunity arises.



I'm sure that there are gobs of other races that are waiting to be discovered, especially in Texas. I can't wait!

Do you have any half or full marathon races recommendations?