Sunday, May 21, 2017

2017 OMaD - Week 20

Hope all the ladies out there had a great Mother's Day with your mom's or with your children (human or fur babies)! This was a good week!

May 14 - 20

Day 134: 0 Miles - Mother's Day! Yay! My sister, Dad and I took my Mom to the Dallas Zoo. We got their a couple of hours after it opened, and it was not too crazy crowded! Yay! We saw the baby elephant, who was so so so cute! We think we saw the pregnant giraffe. We saw the new hippos, who where taking naps underwater. We rode the updated Monorail, which was something we never did before! I survived the Snake House (shudder!). The weather was perfect, and we had so much fun. I had pre-cooked dinner - my salsa verde honey pulled chicken for tacos - so all I had to do was make pico de gayo and eat up the tortillas. M had to work that day, and after he had a nap I picked up for dinner. I think this was the best Mother's Day in a long time!

Day 135: 0 Miles - I had a dress fitting today! My dress looks amazing with the new zipper. The bodice is definitely snug, but my tailor assured me that it's a perfect fit plus I think I'm going to work on my arms/torso a little before the wedding anyway. I got measured for my hems so we'll see that work next time I go in! After the dress I met up with M to have lunch and to visit is mom. Then I passed out for a 3-hour nap. Wow!

Day 136:  8.10 Miles - Still really tired, I skipped the run. But I did go to the gym before work to get in a 30 minute 8 miler in.

Day 137: 0 Miles - Rest day!

Day 138: 1.50 Miles - I had another dentist appoint in the morning, which interrupted the running schedule. But I did a tough 30 minute session on the elliptical before work.

Day 139: 0 Miles - This has been such a long week!

Day 140: 0 Miles - It's Saturday! I'm ready for some relaxing time with my hubs to be!

Total Miles this week: 9.60 Miles 

Miles to Date: 147.59  Miles

2017 OMaD - Week 19

Another crazy week, and am so ready for the weekend. Plus, to get back to a routine!

May 7 - 13

Day 127: 5.01 Miles - This had some of its challenges, but it was a good one. Perfect weather, for sure! Yay! M and I did some work around the apartment before we loaded the car to take some things to his parents house to store. It was also our time to visit with him mom since we may not be around for Mother's Day next week.

Day 128: 0 Miles - Big day!!! We went to the store near downtown Dallas to get my engagement ring cleaned (something it desperately needed, I hate to admit!), and we bought our wedding bands! I'm so excited! Not only is it something to check off our list, but it's exciting just because it's our wedding bands. The rings that we'll be using while tell each other our vows! Aww! After that rested at home before getting ready for our engagement photo shoot! Eee! It was so much fun, especially since photographer was a true pro and took everything into her hands. 

Day 129:  0 Miles - I had jury duty today. I got turned around downtown, and ended up paying for parking blocks away from the courthouse, but I got there! I was there for 7 hours, waiting to be assigned then waiting at the courtroom, then being interviewed by lawyers. We had to break for lunch before the defense could ask their questions. In the end, I wasn't selected. I had to the say, despite the waits and being nervous about answering questions, the judge and bailiff were awesome, and it was a great experience. I got home home and tried that Midnight Mocha Frap from Starbucks to treat myself. I totally sucked it down watching Netflix. In PJs. In bed. Yep! Then I learned that I had chigger bites from being all up in the tall wild grass for our engagement photos. Blah!

Day 130: 0 Miles - Man, I was tired after yesterday. The work day was long, but production. But an hour after I fell asleep... I was awake. For hours. I watched Netflix. I also swore I was being bitten by more bugs in our bed.

Day 131: 0 Miles - I was totally planning on running the this morning, but I was exhausted. I totally slept in late.

Day 132:0 Miles - This was has been such a crazy week, and I'm still working. When's the weekend? 

Day 133: 0 Miles - It's Saturday! Last day of the work week! Yay!

Total Miles this week: 5.10 Miles 

Miles to Date: 137.99  Miles

Thursday, May 11, 2017

2017 OMaD - Week 18

What a busy week! 

April 30 - May 6

Day 120: 4.11 Miles - M had to go to work super early, which means I got early to go for a run on a chilly morning! Last Sunday, I was thinking of running 6 today. However, my legs have been so tired recently that I did a solid 4 instead. After that I met up with my friend HL to do some more shopping - I needed some shorts and I was on the hunt for a dress I saw the day before but not in my size. I found everything I wanted! Yay! I tried to by some earring since I lot one of a pair while shopping yesterday (I was so upset!). Later that night, M and I had our 1.5 year anniversary dinner at the restaurant we first met at. It's tradition! The food was ah-mazing!

Day 121: 0 Miles - Rest and fun day! M and I did our errands (grocery store) and banking. Then we had lunch at our favorite Chinese spot before heading out to Arbor Hills Nature Preserve and Lakeside in Little Elm. We were doing some recon for a place to take our engagement pictures. We decided on Arbor Hills for sentimental reason. Then it was home for a tasty dinner!

Day 122:  0 Miles - No run today. I woke up late, and I had dentist appointment too. Boo! It was very busy day at work, and I was so tired!

Day 123: 0 Miles - Is it Wednesday already? It went by extremely quickly thanks to work! I got my bangs trimmed real quick to help neaten my hair up before our photos on Monday. After the business side of the day, I did work on adding our wedding guest list to our online RSVP site.

Day 124: 3.16 Miles - I ran a solid and fast 5k this morning! The weather was perfect. 54*, cloudless and sunny and windy. I ran the miles in 00:34:37! Sweet! I felt awesome!

Day 125: 0 Miles - Not so busy day at work, but I was stick trying to get myself out from the information overload that I'm under when planning out a professional assignment. Doing so I had eaten a lot of Hersey chocolate kisses. Booo!

Day 126: 0 Miles - I was stressed, and didn't feel awesome. I totally did not want to be at work, but later in the afternoon I had a good time, which made all the difference. I'm so glad it was the weekend!

Total Miles this week: 7.27 Miles

Miles to Date: 132.89  Miles

Thursday, May 4, 2017

2017 OMaD - Week 17

Finally got up to life! Hopefully it'll stay like this! It was a crazy and very rough beginning of the week, but my mileage is climbing! 

April 23 - 29

Day 113: 5.07 Miles - The weather was nice and cool, especially the strong breeze, but the sun kept you warm. Great weather for a run! I got a 5 miler in, and it was great! I slept a little wrong Sunday night and my back was achy, but it didn't bother the run. Yay! M and I did a bit of shopping at the Container Store and we ended up with a really nice over the door Elfa unit to organize our spices and some of our jars. Oooh, organization! The day was great, but ended on a rough note. I was upset that I didn't have anything to wear (when I really do) on our dinner date, and M was tired and hangry and basically... it turned into a rough non-date night with a side of Taco Bueno late at night. 

Day 114: 1.50 Miles - I went down early to my parents house to help take care of the doggies while my sister was at work. I spent the afternoon with M trying to shop for outfits for our engagement photos. I could not find a single thing! I walked the local mall, and not even Old Navy had something for me! M found some great shirts at Kohls, but not me. I'm not a girly-girl and I'm not a tomboy... I'm in between and there is no such thing in clothing stores, especially if you want to dress nicer than causal clothes.

Day 115:  3.12 Miles - A challenging 5k. I was at the neighborhood park near my parents'. It has hills, which helped with my speed, but going up the hills was a challenge. Basically, since I was still feeling the aches from sleeping wrong over the weekend and walking all over the mall yesterday, my legs were swollen. My hip flexor aches.

Day 116: 0 Miles - Rest day! Also a very busy day at work. I did come home to finding a love letter from M. :-) He also rubbed my sore back, and tried to get rid of the knot I have.

Day 117: 5.50 Miles - I was so tired this morning that I didn't move fast enough to get ready for a run. But I had 20 minutes for me to hit the gym to cycle. I feel really happy with myself that I got myself to the gym! It made me feel better this morning even though my back was still achy.

Day 118: 0 Miles -Rest day! I've been so busy at work I can't even remember what I did for the rest of the day!

Day 119: 0 Miles - I worked a half day cause I won some free Admin Leave! Sweet! Weeks ago I was able to schedule an appointment with a tailor to get my wedding dress altered! It was a painless and quick meeting cause the dress zipper needed to be replace before anything else can be done. After that my Mom and I went shopping, and I finally found some outfits to wear for our engagement photos (aka date night clothes too!). Then M met up with use for some delicious Chuy's! It was supposed to storm really, really badly while all of this was happening, which made me nervous since I was out and about with my wedding dress. However, it jumped over us, but it East Texas really hard.

Total Miles this week: 15.19 Miles

Miles to Date: 125.62  Miles

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

2017 OMaD - Week 16

So I dropped off the face of the planet after my run with the Rock 'n' Roll Dallas Half Marathon.... read on to find out where I've been and what I've been up to!

April 16 - 22

Day 106: 4.11 Miles - Slowly upping the mileage. It felt good to push myself past the 5k distance. I'm hoping for a 5 miler the next Sunday. I want to steadily get myself back to the 15k Sunday distance run like I use to be at. I'll get there. Since it was Easter I spent the day with my family (M had to work... being chef = working holidays). We had a great healthy meal. My mom and I made beet hummas after my sister raved about a beet hummas she ate when she was in New York City a few weeks back. It turned out to be really tasty, and was uber tasty on a slice of rye toast!

Day 107: 0 Miles - Happy Marathon Monday! I had fun updating M on the movements of the Boston Marathon elite runners. They're amazing! This was a busy day. He went wedding suit recon with his best bud, and I had coffee with my friend HL and her adorable baby girl. Then it was errand running in the heavy rain. So much fun! Well, not the rain and errand running... but it was nice to be home again during the rain! What was great was M took me to Cane Rosso for dinner to have amazingly delicious pizza. Because I've been stressed and anxious about stuff he even got us a s'mores calzone, which was amazing! Ladies, if you need a period chocolate fix... get this!

Day 108: 0 Miles - No run today. I did a kettlebell set... two sets of dead lifts, squats, Russian swings, around the worlds, and American swings. I definitely felt in my legs! 

Day 109: 0 Miles - Oooh! Talk about sore from the kettlebell workout! I need to do that more often! 

Day 110: 3.14 Miles - I was sore and my legs were tired, but I love being able to do a 5k. It's probably cause I haven't run in so long... anything is awesome. I love the feeling of being free and pushing myself to perform. I love running (no I'm not typing this during my runner's high moment!).

Day 111: 0 Miles - I'm ready for my weekend! This includes sharing doggy sitting duties!

Day 112: 0 Miles - Long day at work!

Total Miles this week: 7.25 Miles

Miles to Date: 110.43  Miles

Friday, April 21, 2017

2017 OMaD - Week 15

So I dropped off the face of the planet after my run with the Rock 'n' Roll Dallas Half Marathon.... read on to find out where I've been and what I've been up to!

April 9 - 15

Day 99: 3.12 Miles - I ran a 5k! I ran a 5k! I took super easy, but it felt amazing to go run! Then I came home and had breakfast with my love. So great! Then it was off to work for me.

Day 100: 0 Miles - Gobs of errands to run including the first run to the grocery store for healthy meal options! Yay! We've, especially me, have been wanting to eat healthier and so we're giving it a go!

Day 101: 0 Miles - I was so tried from the weekend that I stayed home.

Day 102: 0 Miles - Oh, Wednesday. My rest day. It'd be even nicer if I didn't have to go to work! :P

Day 103: 3.20 Miles -Another 5k in the books! I was actually off this day to even out my work hours for the week. It was so nice to go run then I had lunch with my mom before doing some errands. Awesome day!

Day 104: 0 Miles - Did I mention that we're still unpacking? I'm getting close to just the boxes of decors, thought!

Day 105: 0 Miles - Saturday work. Saturday box unpacking!

Total Miles this week: 6.32 Miles

Miles to Date: 103.18 Miles

2017 OMaD - Week 14

So I dropped off the face of the planet after my run with the Rock 'n' Roll Dallas Half Marathon.... read on to find out where I've been and what I've been up to!

April 2 - 8

Day 92: 0 Miles - The unpacking begins!

Day 93: 0 Miles -  We found  our kitchen and had unpacked enough boxes that it was time to bring the kitty cat home. We also cooked (from scratch) our first meal in the apartment... Cincinnati Chili. Yum!  

Day 94: 0 Miles - The unpacking continues...

Day 95: 0 Miles - And so it goes... the unpacking...

Day 96: 2.50 Miles - There are still more boxes! Upside! I went to the gym and used the elliptical. 2.5 miles! Yes!

Day 97: 0 Miles - How many boxes do we have?

Day 98: 0 Miles - I hate boxes. With a passion.

Total Miles this week: 2.50 Miles

Miles to Date: 96.86 Miles