Tuesday, May 15, 2018

2018 Weekly Fitness Recap - #19

Alrighty! Here we go... I'm trying to get back to getting myself into the swing of things. I'm still recovering from my non-running related injury, but I feel good enough to go for a run this past week.


Day 126: Plan: 10 - 13 miles| Actual: Rest Day
My husband is the best. He took me to the Dallas World Aquarium, specifically to see the sloths. I heard that the aquarium had sloths, but I have never gone. I. did. not. realize. how. close. you. get. to. one. of. them!  The first one was a three-toe sloth and he/she was sleeping on a branch literally 3 feet above my head. I was so excited happy that I almost pulled a Kristen Bell and cried. The other three two-toed sloths were in enclosures an sleeping too. We explored the whole aquarium, and stopped by the gift shop (he bought me a pocket-size sloth stuffed animal), and on our way out we visited the two-toes one more time and they were awake and eating. So cute! After the aquarium we went back home before we having a nice dinner at Frankie's Mexican Cuisine.

Day 127: Plan: XT | Actual: Rest Day
We did grown-up stuff ranging from getting my car inspected to going to the grocery store. We stopped by Whole Foods to buy some dates from the bulk bins. During my break M introduced them to me, and OMG, I love them. While M made dinner (black been burgers with guacamole) I made a batch of oat bran muffins (recipe found here http://www.geniuskitchen.com/recipe/low-fat-high-fiber-blueberry-bran-muffins-205891). I made muffins last week with blueberries, but they didn't turn out so great. The reason for that I did not soak the oat bran. People, soak the oat bran first. Lol. I added in some spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cardamon) to the dry mix and folded in diced pears. Oh, and I added in a bout 1/4 cup of flax seeds. These muffins are so pretty and yummy, especially warm with a little bit of butter.

Day 128: Plan: 45 min run (or a 5k run) | Actual: 3.13 Miles
So this morning I went out for a run. I managed a 5k in 36 minutes on a hot morning! Wow! I'm felt happy (though a little cautious cause I'm not injury-free yet) while I was running. The sun was out. There was a breeze. Wildflowers are blooming and there was a beautiful scent in the air. Aaaah! I missed running so much. I could definitely tell that I lost of my fitness during the break. I need to work on my abs and my breathing, but I hope that this is a good start to picking up running again.

Day 129: Plan: XT | Actual: Rest Day 
I thought about doing some cross-training but I was way too hungry to do it when I got home.

Day 130: Plan: 45 min run (or a 5k run) | Actual: Rest Day
No running today. I was getting ready for it, but I wasn't feeling physically good about it. So I didn't go. I took the time to talk to M about overall health and saying that he needs to go to a doctor for a check up since it's been so long. He hates doctors and anything about healthcare and insurance in general. That being said, he agreed to making an appointment.

Day 131: Plan: XT | Actual: Rest Day
I knew it was Friday cause it was Pay Day, but my brain kept on tricking me into thinking it was Saturday. Boo!

Day 131: Plan: Rest Day | Actual: Rest Day
Saturday wasn't so bad, but I was sure happy to be home.

Total Running Miles this week: 3.13 Miles 

Total Time Cross-training this week: 0 Minutes  

Total Miles Cross-training this week: 0 Miles

Total Running Miles to Date: 243.58 Miles 

Total Time & Miles Cross-Training to Date: 06:45:00 | 0 Miles

Hope you all have a great week! 

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

2018 Weekly Fitness Recap - #15 - 18

Heeeeeeey! Long time, no blogging! Things came up in April and took over. I pretty much took a good amount of time off from running and workouts. Part of what was going on was me not feeling so well due in part to my nutrition and it was affecting me in a lot of ways. I also needed to rest a non-running related injury, which was the worst part of this break. I ended up DNS-ing a race (a half marathon) because I wasn't ready mentally or physically for it. Choosing to not go to a race and run was a first, for me. I tell myself that it takes courage to recognize the unpreparedness and make that decision to not run, and I know that it was necessary for me to do. Now, I'm on the road to recovery and hopefully getting better every day.

My husband M has been my rock during the past few weeks. I wouldn't have been able to do this without him. Even though it's sucky that we're waiting for his new job to start, I am thankful that he has been home and available for me to turn to when things get tough.


Day 98: Plan: 10 - 13 miles| Actual: 12.64 Miles 

Day 99: Plan: XT | Actual: Rest Day

Day 100: Plan: 45 min run (or a 5k run) | Actual: 4.08 Miles

Day 101: Plan: XT | Actual: 20 minutes XT

Day 102: Plan: 45 min run (or a 5k run) | Actual: 4.05 Miles

Day 103: Plan: XT | Actual: Rest Day

Day 104: Plan: Rest Day | Actual: Rest Day 

Total Running Miles this week: 20.77 Miles 

Total Time Cross-training this week: 20 Minutes  

Total Miles Cross-training this week: 0 Miles


Day 105: Plan: 10 - 13 miles| Actual: 10.01 Miles 

Day 106: Plan: XT | Actual: Rest Day

Day 107: Plan: 45 min run (or a 5k run) | Actual: 3.10 Miles

Day 108: Plan: XT | Actual: Rest Day 

Day 109: Plan: 45 min run (or a 5k run) | Actual: Rest Day

Day 110: Plan: XT | Actual: Rest Day

Day 111: Plan: Rest Day | Actual: Rest Day
Total Running Miles this week: 13.11 Miles 

Total Time Cross-training this week: 0 Minutes  

Total Miles Cross-training this week: 0 Miles


Day 112: Plan: 10 - 13 miles| Actual: 5.04 Miles 

Day 113: Plan: XT | Actual: Rest Day

Day 114: Plan: 45 min run (or a 5k run) | Actual: Rest Day

Day 115: Plan: XT | Actual: Rest Day 

Day 116: Plan: 45 min run (or a 5k run) | Actual: Rest Day

Day 117: Plan: XT | Actual: Rest Day

Day 118: Plan: Rest Day | Actual: Rest Day 


Day 119: Plan: 10 - 13 miles| Actual: Rest Day

Day 120: Plan: XT | Actual: Rest Day

Day 121: Plan: 45 min run (or a 5k run) | Actual: Rest Day

Day 122: Plan: XT | Actual: Rest Day 

Day 123: Plan: 45 min run (or a 5k run) | Actual: Rest Day

Day 124: Plan: XT | Actual: Rest Day

Day 125: Plan: Rest Day | Actual: Rest Day
Total Running Miles this week: 0 Miles 

Total Time Cross-training this week: 0 Minutes  

Total Miles Cross-training this week: 0 Miles

Total Running Miles to Date: 240.45 Miles 

Total Time & Miles Cross-Training to Date: 06:45:00 | 0 Miles

Do you like baking cake or some other baked dessert treats?

Sunday, April 8, 2018

2018 Weekly Fitness Recap - #14

What a week! I didn't even realize that I had worked on this post until Saturday! Cra-zy! Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend and a good week!


Day 91: Plan: 10 - 13 miles| Actual: 10.05 Miles
I got up early so that I was at the lake by 7:30am. I had to get 10 miles and be home in time shove food in my face, get clean and walk in the door at my in-laws house by 11:30am. Whew! The run was good. I struggled a bit during the first half, and I was concerned about my timing. On the way back I was doing better. I'm definitely noticing that I'm losing strength since I've been a unintended strength training haitus. Because of that my hamstring is tighter and the muscles around my knee is achy. My pace averaged most of time in the 12 minute range, which was nice. There were a couple slower miles, nothing horrible. The last mile I pushed into in the 10s so that I finished right on time. Overall I did a good job I think and made it less stressful for my hubs for sticking to our timeline.

Easter celebrations consisted of M cooking lunch for family before we drove down to my parents house. My mom had a cold, but was working on a "lupper." Most of our time was dealing with taxes with my dad, which was extremely stressful. Then we left to do our own thing with a delicious Cincinnati Chili dinner. For me I tend to have some really good Easter memories, but this year was kinda stressful and didn't meet all of my expectations. I guess I reached another level in adulthood.

Day 92: Plan: XT | Actual: Rest Day
Today M and I ventured up to Frisco to watch a Dallas Stars practice session, which was a lot of fun. After that we had the most delicious ramen at our favorite place. (I'm writing on Saturday at the end of the week I'm drooling at the thought of ramen!). After that we did our grown-up thing and went to the grocery store. Then it was nap time before dinner. I also baked my first traditional cake from scratch today! I tried to make a funfetti cake, but my batter wasn't thick enough to keep the sprinkles suspended, but otherwise it tasted really good! I'll have to try it again. I kinda want to make this salted caramel cake for our 6 month wedding anniversary later this month. We'll see!

Day 93: Plan: 45 min run (or a 5k run) | Actual: 4.07 Miles 
This was an incredibly hard run for me. I felt slow. It got better after the first two miles, but not by much.

Day 94: Plan: XT | Actual: 10 minutes XT
I finally got myself to put on a pair of workout clothes and worked with my dumbbells while the Hubs and I talked about job stuff while he cooked dinner. It's been so long since I did any of this that I think I only got about 10 minutes and it was a struggle to do just 1 set of 15 reps. I'm so out of shape.

Day 95: Plan: 45 min run (or a 5k run) | Actual: Busy Rest Day
I couldn't run today because I was sent to a conference in downtown. I took the DART train so that I could get there by 8am. I was home by 6:30pm. Long day. I learned a lot of stuff, and I walked around quite a bit. I got to see some of my coworkers there too, which was fun. When I got home I was hungry. M and I had a salad and pizza dinner at Spin Pizza. Yum!

Day 96: Plan: XT | Actual: 20 minutes XT
While M made dinner, which took a little while since we were cooking brown rice, so I got a good 20 minutes or so of dumbbells. I was able to get 2 sets of everything that I did, which was pretty good. The second set of reps definitely was challenging. I'm glad that I'm getting back into this!

Day 97: Plan: Rest Day | Actual: Rest Day 
Cold front came through over night after storms yesterday. Woke up to temps in the 30s and a high of 45. Yikes! Looks like my run tomorrow will be a cold one, but I think the sun will come out by then. Today at work it definitely felt like a day just to be home snuggled up in pjs and blanket with a book or a movie.

Total Running Miles this week: 14.12 Miles 

Total Time Cross-training this week: 30 minutes  

Total Miles Cross-training this week: 0 Miles

Total Running Miles to Date: 201.53 Miles 

Total Time & Miles Cross-Training to Date: 06:25:00 | 0 Miles

Do you like baking cake or some other baked dessert treats?

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

2018 Weekly Fitness Recap - #13

Whew! What a long week! I honesty can't believe that it was a week ago that I ran the half marathon. It feels like it was multiple weeks ago! While it was a long week I had fun most of the time. I learned to play disc golf, which was pretty much a big highlight for me!

The saying, "Strong is the new Beautiful," popped into my head Tuesday on my way to work. It was to tell myself that I'm doing great and this hard work is going to pay off in the future.  I will be honest when I say I stopped an compared myself to others over the weekend at the race. On Tuesday, I ran not as far as my mind wanted to run but farther than my body wanted to. When I left for work I was tired - ready for a nap - and my thighs were sore. I may not look entirely fit - my stomach is never flat, even standing and my arms may not not have definition even though I have muscles - but I am strong. I am awesome - and beautiful - because I'm stronger than I have been before. 

Image found via Pinterest:


Day 84: Plan: 10 - 13 miles| Actual: 13.39 Miles
Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon! I woke up at 4am-ish to do my routine. Surprisingly, I wasn't too tired and grouchy, which was something different. I was out the door and at the train station about 6am, and met HC and JP on the train. Down at the Start I stretched, checked my bag, and peed a couple of times. I ate one of my peanut butter filled Clif bars. We were all talking about the weather. It was about 65 degrees, cloud and h.u.m.i.d. This is our hottest run to date this year.

By the time the race started my hips felt a little tight for standing for so long, especially when I was in the corral and there wasn't much space to move around. But I loosened up a bit after a couple of miles. Another thing was I needed to pee... again after I started running. This is after I peed for a second time right before we entered the corrals. Ugh! I didn't stop for a pit stop until about Mile 5. I had lost HC after Mile 2 or so, which was to be expected in some respects. I've kind of given up on the idea of us running races together anymore cause she zones out and it closes off her ears. Lol. Anyway, I peed and got back at it. I was doing fairly well until after Mile 8. My legs were a little tired feeling despite doing the 60:30 interval (run 1 minute, walk 30 seconds). Right after Mile 8 was a giant hill (harder than the grade going up the highway to run over the bridge), and everyone around me walked it. The humidity

Between Mile 8 and Mile 10 I struggled with my legs being tired. Right around this time I got my intervals mixed up, and I told myself it didn't matter as long as I ran it was OK. I never saw the Mile 10 Marker, which through my off a little too. My Garmin ended up being about 0.25 or so ahead of the markers, which I feel like threw off my timing a bit. Once I got past Mile 11 that I'd be a great home stretch. My last podcast ended right around that time (I did that on purpose) and I put my music. Right after Mile 12 I saw M on the last bridge, which was a lot of fun and made me smile. I did one last walk break before running to the Finish Line. My final finish time was 02:44:03

Honestly, given the fact that I stopped to stand in line to pee (I'd say that was about 5 - 8 minutes tops), that this finish time is totally on par with my current training and fitness level. The Too Cold to Hold Half marathon was nearly a flat course compared to the RnR, and I was only 4 minutes slower. I know I finished stronger than the Too Cold to Hold too. If I run this race again next year (this to TBD since they haven't shared any details for the 2019 race yet - which is odd) I know I need to work on conquering some hills to help my time.

Since M was off, he picked me and HC so we could get home sooner. Once I was cleaned up, we went to Chuy's for a very tasty lunch. YUM! Then it was home to nap until we, well, had froyo for dinner with a movie.

Day 85: Plan: XT | Actual: 1 hour XT 
Ahhh! I slept in till almost 8am, which was uber nice. By the time we were ready to take on the day it was time for lunch. So, we tried In-N-Out Burger, which was better than I remember it being (probably cause I told them to Animal Style the burger and the fries). After lunch, I did something brand new to me. I played disc golf with the Hubs. He was player years and years ago, and hasn't played in over 5 years. We went to a course not too far away. The course wasn't laid out very well (even a complete newbie like me could tell), but it was a good one to learn on. It was a hot, sunny and sweaty day, but I had lots of fun. Even when my disc would end up in the brush. After while I was starting to get it. We only did 9 baskets even though I think I could've done more. However, with the combo of the course was too disorganized, it was getting pretty hot and we were tired, we decided to just do half the course today. M said he would take me to another course some day, which I'm pretty excited about! After our outside adventure, we went to the grocery store like good adults. I needed a nap after all of that. Surprisingly and yet not surprisingly, my legs were tired.  We ended the night with one of our favorite everything-on-it pizza and a movie.

Day 86: Plan: 45 min run (or a 5k run) | Actual: 3.50 Miles 
Last night I had made sure my iPad was charged cause all the weather reports talked about lots and lots of rain. But (!) when I woke up at 7am there was no rain. Within an hour I was at the park. My mind wanted to stick with the norm and run a 4 miler, but my thighs sore from the half marathon and from disc golf. I told myself, a 5k would be OK, if I reached the 2 Mile mark and was not physically ready for four. So, I decided to run back to the car for a 5k finish, but with park crews blocking my path a dump truck and bobcat, I had to change course. I ended up with 3.5 miles. My lower half was tiiired. It was also humid. 70 degrees with 87% humidity. Blargh! But, you know what, I did it. As I mentioned above, as I left for work I was tired. Ready for a nap tired. My legs were sore. But you know what, I'm pretty awesome to still have gone out there to run before the rain came in and to get the miles. 

Day 87: Plan: XT | Actual: Rest Day
Nothing much happened to do. I got up. Went to work. Did work. Talked to my Mom on the phone for a moment. Drove home. The most exciting thing... M showed me how to make a proper Shepherd's Pie. We made it with ground beef instead of ground lamb. I never really had it before (I think), and it was so good and delicious!

Day 88: Plan: 45 min run (or a 5k run) | Actual:4.07 Miles
I got up at 6:30am, which is before my alarm and did my thing to get ready for a run. It was a cool 55 degrees with 96% humidity. On the way to the park I saw people in jackets or long sleeves walking on the trail... And I was in shorts and a tank top. Lol. I knew better than to dress like that. The first mile felt like the normal first mile. But Mile 2 I was doing it wrong. My pace was crappy and way too fast and I ended up aching and walking slow during my intervals. For Mile 3 and 4, however, I calmed the legs down and I did my new thing of running at a quick but comfortable pace during the run interval and during the walk interval still run, but a slower pace. I managed the last two miles just fine. Some runs aren't suppose to be easy or like the one the day before. I'm glad that I got it done though.

Day 89: Plan: XT | Actual: Rest Day
This was pretty much a busy day, and I was glad I was off of work. After dinner M and I went to Target to grab a couple of things.

Day 90: Plan: Rest Day | Actual: Rest Day 
After work I got to hang out with my two besties, JM and KJ for dinner and coffee. While I waited for them to arrive I did a quick shop at the grocery store and Michael's near the restaurant we were going to. I needed to buy some baking ingredients to bake an Easter cake at some point this weekend. Thankfully I didn't stay out too late since I had to get up early for my run so that M and I can make it to his parents house for Easter lunch.

Total Running Miles this week: 20.96 Miles 

Total Time Cross-training this week: 1 hour 

Total Miles Cross-training this week: 0 Miles

Total Running Miles to Date: 187.41 Miles 

Total Time & Miles Cross-Training to Date: 05:55:00 | 0 Miles

Have you ever played disc golf?

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

2018 Weekly Fitness Recap - #12

I'm a little late in posting this (oops!). It's the week before the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon (my second half of the year!)! Eeee! I can't believe it! I'm excited, but a little nervous since I know this course has hills. My goal is to run this race better than I did last year, which hopefully shouldn't be hard because last year I woke up with the beginning stages of a cold (what are odds are to be sick the same week two years in the row?), my period started (of course), and I was stressed cause later that afternoon my friends, mom and M's mom were getting together to make our wedding Save the Dates. Oh! And add to that... the I wasn't running as much because of the wedding planning. So! I have goal set for a better finish time all-together and to conquer the hills stronger than before. Wish me luck! :-)

Image found via


Day 77: Plan: 10 - 13 miles| Actual: 10.13 miles 
I woke up, naturally, at 5:30 this morning, and I instantly looked over at the window. There was no rain. I checked the weather on my phone... no rain in sight for hours. I got myself up and made some coffee and began my pre-run routine. I ran a flat route at the lake. I feel waaay better than a couple of days ago, but I did cough up some fun stuff from my lung during the drive over. The weather was cloudy/partly cloudy with a high 60 - 63 degrees and humidity at 96%! Whew! One runner that was just finishing as I parked was drenched in sweat. Granted, he was a very strong, long distance runner (the thigh muscles told me that). I didn't sweat as much as I thought I would, but it was a good run. I listened to a couple of podcasts to distract my mind. The first 5 miles I did the full 60:30 interval and made myself walk the 30 seconds. The last 5 miles I tried to run through the 30 seconds at a slower pace. I didn't do it all the time - just by judging how I felt. Whatever I did actually shaved 2 minutes off my average time, which was kinda cool. I'm just happy that I was able to run 10 miles without dying. Now that I have some junk in my lungs, I was worried that it was going to affect my ability to run the half marathon next week.

When I got home M was making me breakfast, which is very special since it's been a loooong time since he has been able to do that. We had a delicious frittata with caramelized onion and turkey sausage and pancakes. YUM! 

Day 78: Plan: XT | Actual: Rest Day 
In some respects, this was a normal Monday for us. We a nice restful morning with a french press, then we had lunch out. This time though he grabbed some coffee and spent a little while at his parents house. We hadn't been there since Christmas since we've been so busy, and it was time see them and tell them the goings-on. After that... the grocery store. One of the most exciting things was we made pizza from scratch today. I can't wait to do that again!

Day 79: Plan: 45 min run (or a 5k run) | Actual: Rest Day
I woke up late with cramps and little motivation. So I didn't run. I didn't necessarily regret it, but I feel so out of shape (even though I ran 10 miles two days before this morning). Do you ever feel that way? I left M home to clean (I think he's settling into a temporary house-husband role nicely) while I went to work to make mo' money.

Day 80: Plan: XT | Actual: Rest Day
This was a looong day at work. But I got to talk to my Mom on the phone during lunch today and catch her up to speed on the goings-on at our place. Wen I came home the apartment smell so delicious cause M made a chicken pot pie from scratch while I was away. Omg! It was soooo good! I was very excited, and M didn't know what to do with me. He had never witness my pot pie love until now! Hahaha! I can't wait for leftoevers tomorrow!

Day 81: Plan: 45 min (or 5k run) | Actual: 4.23 miles
I was having weird dreams, which on some weird subconscious way I knew it'd be sometime during the 6am hour. I opened my eyes and I saw that it was 6:30am, and I forced myself to get out of bed. If I was going to go run I needed to prep now and not later if I wanted to have a relaxed morning with M before work. The weather was great for a run. Sunny but not hot. Just cool enough. I felt good for the most part, but it was definitely a hard run since I've didn't run on Tuesday and I've been neglecting my strength training. But I got just over 4 miles, and I'm happy. I'm going to try to remember to do a shake out run on Saturday or something of the likes so that I'm ready for Sunday.

By the time I got to work I was crampy and tired, but  Ibuprofen, a cup of coffee and a Werther's Original piece of candy helped me out. Plus... I had my pot pie leftover (with an accompanying salad) to look forward to!

Day 82: Plan: XT | Actual: Rest Day
All day at work today I would wave from excitement for running the race on Sunday to questioning my ability do what I want accomplish at the race to insecurely comparing myself to someone else I know is running the race. For the last part, the mean part of me tells me that I'm a better runner than the other girl, but then the nice part of me goes it doesn't matter at all. I know I always say that I want to beat my running buddy HC in a race, but that doesn't always happen. I also know that I should never compare myself to someone else and that it's ok that I didn't "beat" everyone, and that I should just try beat my old self. Anyway... I think part of my insecurity is that everyone likes this girl and she's a "walk on sunshine" type of girl and tries to be apart of the crowd even if it comes to fibbing and not putting all the work to gain the achievement, but people like her anyway. Why am I caring and comparing about this person? Cause maybe I want to be liked too. But I also like being the awesome, sarcastic, and slightly pessimistic self. I'm really trying to let this go and to be better.

After work, Mark and I headed down to my parents house to help get things out of the attic. My other brother and his wife in Houston just bought a house and will need all of the stuff that parents have been storing for them.

Day 83: Plan: Rest Day | Actual: Rest Day 
Race Expo day! After having some sandwiches at Jersey Mikes for lunch, M and I headed down to the expo downtown. The  expo this year was a little underwhelming in the vendor selection, but I was really looking to buy a lot of stuff. I did buy myself another Brooks bra. What was cool this year was that they had shirts with all the women runners names on it them, which is a lot of like what national fencing tournaments would do back when I was a fencer. The downside was they had my maiden name and not my married name on it. So, I didn't buy it cause if I'm going to spend the money then I want something with my new name on it. Lol. After getting home to take a name, we then went to a Beef Team dinner at a steakhouse. It was nice having dinner with HC too, which is also part of the team. Back home, I got all my gear together and laid out ready for the morning.

Total Running Miles this week: 14.36 Miles 

Total Time Cross-training this week: 0 Minutes

Total Miles Cross-training this week: 0 Miles

Total Running Miles to Date: 166.45 Miles 

Total Time & Miles Cross-Training to Date: 04:55:00 | 0 Miles

How much do you run
the week of/before a half marathon? 

How do you stop comparing yourself to others?   

Sunday, March 18, 2018

2018 Weekly Fitness Recap - #11

This past week was big and full of stuff. Some happy things and some stressful things. Such is life, right? This is an extremely loooong post, guys. If you don't want to get into the knitty-gritty of what happened in my world this week.... just scroll on down!

Image found via https://thecatholicgeeks.com/2016/03/14
Daylight Savings Times... Dude, I love the spring. If it wasn't for a few reason, I would've insisted on a spring wedding. Ha! But Daylight Savings... it's one reason why I hate the spring and love the fall! I didn't realize how many clocks my hubs has collected until I had to change them all! Lol! It was a little hard to get up for my run Sunday morning, and it was definitely weird having it dark outside at 7am instead of light out. It was harder to get up Monday morning than it was Sunday. Thankfully, if I was doing anything it would've been yoga, but I was waaay too tired to do anything. I'm hoping that as I get more use to I would get myself to go to the gym before work on Friday mornings.

Image found via
In second bit of news... My littlest brother, who I'll call Wookie and who really isn't so little anymore, proposed to his girlfriend on Saturday! Eee!!!!! I'm so excited! When did he grow up? Am I getting that much older? This is so exciting, as you can tell! Wait... I said that twice! Oh, well! These two are perfect for each other, and I'm so proud of my brother as he grows and becomes an adult. I'll be honest... I'm already keeping an eye out for dress ideas (from Modcloth or eShitaki or other places maybe?) that would work for an eclectic wedding (they're very funky people) in spring 2019 or 2020. I bought her this ring holder, pictured above, for her vanity at home.

In the last bit of news... I'm sharing as as a way to vent my frustration.

Everyone should read this brief article if you're in a job and are facing
a micro-managing supervisor (follow link below):
Image found via LinkedIn:
On Sunday, my husband quit his job, and I supported him on the decision. He hadn't been working long at this privately-owned restaurant, almost three months in fact. After a month working as a dedicated line cook he was promoted into a Kitchen Manager position, which was something he has been working towards for a very long time. This was a huge deal to him and me. A lot of things were said that made both of us believe that a lot of big things were coming and when it happened M would be there to train new staff at new locations and to be one of the big leaders. If it all came to fruition in the next few years, we (as a couple and maybe as a family) would be set. Yes, these were big If's and we knew anything could happen, but were were strongly optimistic.

Things started out great, but little things like not being given the complete expectations for the job to not provided passwords to necessary programs - little yet important things - were always pushed to aside with, "Don't worry about it right now." Well, after a month we had learned that despite the great concept of this brand new restaurant, the owner definitely does not follow any policy or procedure (a decision on how to do something can and would three times in one day), and he has misconceptions of what is actually happening in the kitchen at any point in time. He also denies his behavior in the past incidents. To put it frankly, he's a bit of a bipolar control freak - a micro-manager. Now, we completely understand any stress from his side as he has a lot of emotional investment and personal finances investment in this restaurant, but this is when he should rely on strong staff to help carry the load and not believe that he has to do everything that a manger is supposed to do. If he's worried about failing, a strong staff with a strong leader can help keep everything running smooth and create a wonderful experience to the customers. Well, as it turns out, the expectations of M was to be a glorified prep-cook instead of an actual manager because he does not :: trust :: him to be a manager, which is ridiculous because with his management skills, M brought the kitchen back together and got it working again to make it the best it has ever been.

When a lot of little things build up that don't make sense, that are frustrating and insulting on top of the lack of trust... well, it basically boils down to this: This great, amazing opportunity that was presented to him - to us - was a lie. M has goals and dreams, and being stuck in a job where both his hands are tied behind his back would stop him from obtaining them. M knew it was time to go. He still loves the restaurant as a whole, and wishes it the best. We both feel disappointed that it didn't work out. However, we both know that if the boss of it all did not have the trust or the respect or the understanding on how to run a restaurant or down right trust and treat staff members with respect, it isn't a place to be since it does not align with our values.

All that being said, we are definitely frustrated and sad that this job wasn't the one that M could stay and grow in for years because he - we - loved so many things about it. Because of the lack of work product and experience in the kitchen manager position at this location, M does not feel right with putting on his resume. So, now, we're back to square one with his searching for his dream job... by way of a line cook position.  This, to me, especially, is definitely frustrating cause I know of all the trials and tribulation that M has gone through to get that close to having a dream job. To end this topic on an up-note: he's been applying for new positions and things are looking good so far. Fingers crossed a good place will appear soon!

OK! Sooo... now that I got that off my chest. Down to the fitness recap of this week!


Day 70: Plan: 10 - 13 miles| Actual: 10.01 miles 
Oh boy, Daylight Savings Time This was a blustery day - as in 20 mph wind gusts. I ran a 10 miler, which ended in my running up some/most of Flag Pole Hill. Oy! I tried to run at a slower pace through my 30 second walk interval. I wasn't very consistent. My time didn't approve, but I also stopping (and not my Garmin) to text my friends some important details of things and to stretch. Oh, and not to mention running/walking up a giant hill. If I hadn't done that I think my finish time would've been faster. No matter. I was consistent in my time. The reason that I'm trying to run through the 30 second interval is because I can build up (hopefully) my endurance. After I got home, at breakfast, I totally vegged for a couple of hours. Then it was time to clean house. I was about halfway through when my hubs texted me his desire to quit right then and there. He typically never leaves a job like that, but it felt like he couldn't even finish out the day after what was happening that morning. I called my brother to vent and clean before M got home. After dinner we took a quick walk to help my legs that were feeling restless and achy after taking a nap.

Day 71: Plan: XT | Actual: Rest Day
We totally slept in today. It did not feel right to even wake up at 8am. The struggle is real! While we had some delicious coffee we planned our grocery store trip. Then I took M to the Book Club Cafe in Rockwall. He had the cheesesteak sandwich while I tried their herbivore sandwich, was was really good. After I errand to the store, we were home and relaxing. We even too a nap, which was so so, so great.

Day 72: Plan: 45 min run (or a 5k run) | Actual: 4.03 miles
This run was a little harder than other runs previously. I tried to run through the 30 second intervals, which was the challenging bit. I still manage to have a 46 and change finish time. I think I was struggling emotionally with everything that happened on Sunday with M's job. Today, while I was at work, he updated his resume and applied for some jobs in the area. Some are some of the best resturatns in the city, so you never know what opportunities may arise.

Day 73: Plan: XT | Actual: 0 minutes XT
I woke up at 6:30, but promptly went back to sleep. It's so dark out! I didn't really get a workout in before I left for work, which was the plan since I wouldn't have time to do after work. But(!) at work I had to go through a bunch of stuff that needs to be store in other areas, and I spring cleaned the F out of everything! Still a work in progress, but a lot got done. I should've worn a sports bra and work out clothes instead I did so much work.

When I got home from work I quickly cleaned up and changed clothes. M and I met my besties JM and KJ at our favorite sushi restaurant. Mmmm! Now that we're down to one income at the moment, we were careful not to over do it, which is something that could be possible when it comes to M and sushi. We all had so much fun. I think we need to do it more often!

Day 74: Plan: 45 min (or 5k run) | Actual: Rest Day  
So, on top of everything else going on this week, M has also had a cold! And now... I have a semi-cold. Last night after we got home from sushi and quickly popping by the store, my sinus began to drain from my ears and nose. Basically, I had a rough night cause when I went to be everything was coming from one ear and it :: hurt :: to swallow anything. I felt like I work up every time I had to swallow stuff. Ugh. So, this morning I slept in and tried to catch up on sleep once I found my throat lozenges. I was also stuff an tired from all the work I did moving stuff yesterday at work too. I wish I could've gone for my run, but I know rest is better. If I catch the complete cold (congested lungs and all) it's best to have it now and not late next week because I have a half marathon on the 25th. Fingers are crossed! 

Day 75: Plan: XT | Actual: Rest Day
My throat didn't feel as sore this morning as yesterday, and I think I slept a lot better. Once I had some coffee in me I was able to get moving more. My sore throat pretty much went away around lunch time, but around dinner was I little cough-y cause phlem wanted to hang round... ugh!

Day 76: Plan: Rest Day | Actual: Rest Day 
Saturday. I feel like I practically live at work. Do you ever feel that way? I'm seriously hoping that I can run a 10 miler tomorrow cause I feel out of shape cause I missed my short run on Thursday and I haven't cross-trained (not counting moving boxes at work on Wednesday). Do you ever feel that way too? I'd love to run it outside, but there may be storms in the area starting this evening and into Sunday morning. So... I may be running on a treadmill with my iPad. We'll have to wait and see! Hope you get/got to run outside!

Total Running Miles this week: 14.03 Miles 

Total Time Cross-training this week: 0 Minutes

Total Miles Cross-training this week: 0 Miles

Total Running Miles to Date: 152.09 Miles 

Total Time & Miles Cross-Training to Date: 04:55:00 | 0 Miles

What do you like to watch when
running on the treadmill?   

Sunday, March 11, 2018

2018 Weekly Fitness Recap - #10

This week started out fast with moments of relaxations. I felt I was constantly on the move!

In the running world, Sir Roger Bannister passed away this weekend. For those who may be unfamiliar to Sir Roger, he was the first person to run a mile in under 4 minutes in 1954. I can't even imagine how fast that is! It's amazing!

I found this Sir Roger Bannister quote among many on Runner's World this past Sunday (while I was working). A lot of the saying spoke to me, but this is just one of them. Some may not even know how much a mental sport running is. Part of perseverance and endurance training for any goal distance is getting your head in the game. If it isn't there with your heart and your trained body you goal will be harder to achieve.

Image found on Runner's World via here:


Day 63: Plan: 10 - 13 miles| Actual: 12.01 miles 
HC and I ventured off onto the White Rock Creek Trail to see how it was after a few years of avoiding it. It was nice and underpopulated by lots of the runners. I liked having new scenery to run in. I did, however, get a little more nervous we further we got away from my familiar trails. I wouldn't want to run on it by myself. But... it was nice. We finished the last few miles on the lake. Afterwards we had tacos. Mmmm. Overall, this was a goo solid run. Just the other day I was thinking to myself that an average of 10 on a Sunday was really good and I was starting to feel comfortable. I hadn't planned on running 12, but HC's training schedule had her going that far. So... I did it too. I felt good, and strong. My knee didn't hurt, but my hamstring was getting tight.

I got home and rested for a couple of hours before going to work for five hours. M got home right before I did, and we decided via text to have our typical date night be an eat-in with pizza, root bear floats and gummy bears while watching Ghostbusters. In other words, complete junk food. It was so much fun to let loose... granted both our tummies were a little achy after it all.

Day 64: Plan: XT | Actual: Rest Day
I slept in a little, but got myself up so that I could help M get ready for work. He has to start working Mondays now to do inventory of the restaurant. Buuuut.... as he was getting ready the owner texted saying he could have the day off. Sweet! We had a burger lunch at Keller's before getting to the grocery store. Then we totally took a nap with the windows opens. This was soooo nice! I love having the windows open on a sunshiny and breezy day! I can't wait for spring to come and stay! For dinner we had Frankie's Mexican Cuiseine, which was good. I love me some tasty fajitas! We also splurged and got some sopapilla bites. YUM!

Day 65: Plan: 45 min run (or a 5k run) | Actual: 4.20 miles
I had a solid run this morning. I listened to the first podcost of "I'll Have Another." Just recently I starting listening to podcasts when my music just doesn't cut it. So far, all I've listened to is "I'll Have Another," "The Allison Show," and "Run, Selfie, Repeat." At first I never thought that I'd be a podcast person, but I guess I just had to find the right show! Lol.

Day 66: Plan: XT | Actual: 20 minutes XT
Busy day at work. Thankfully right around 5:30 I decided to make some coffee. If I did not... I would be lazy when I got home. I needed to clean out our fridge and reclaim some Tubberware. Lol. I don't know how that thing got so full, but it needed to be emptied... badly! M left work not too long after I got home, I saved the fridge work (hee hee) for when he got home, and I got in a 20 minute strength training session. 2 sets of 15 reps sequence. That made me happy. When he got home, I got dinner started then helped clear out the fridge. PS... my hubs is from Cincinnati. So, we had our Cincinnati Chili for dinner. Mmmm. So good. So, so good.

Day 67: Plan: 45 min (or 5k run) | Actual: 4.05 miles  
So I did something new today! Basically.... I'm kinda excited about it. Not because it's a revelation and something ground breaking, but because it was exciting to me. Let me break it down. I've been running 60:30 intervals. 60 seconds (1 minute) run and 30 second walk intervals. I've been doing it for the past three months or so. I've done intervals prior to this and it worked out well until I was reading to extend my intervals to long running times (to think at my lightest weight and crazy mental time I ran a 2 mile: 1 minute interval. Whoa!). Anyway. Sometimes in the back of my mind I start thinking that if I'm running interval, despite it being a true running form cause it's the Galloway Method, that I'm not really running "true" because I have to talk walk breaks. My husband once asked me if I ever considered running without stopping. To answer that question I had to explain it all to him about my fitness, which he got. I've been telling myself that once my fitness level is better I'd increase my run time to longer minutes. For example, I have a marathoner friend that does 3 minute run and 1 minute walk interval.

Anyway.... fast forward today. I ran a 4 miler. The first two miles I ran the normal 60:30 interval. Then, all of a sudden, I decided to run the 3rd mile with this concept: run 60 seconds at the pace I've been running and during the 30 second walk period actually run at a slower pace than normal. That's it. See. I told you it wasn't groundbreaking. Other runners do it, and that's probably how this idea popped into my head while I ran. I also was thinking about how my buddy HC was practicing Galloway's glides last Sunday. Ok. So that's what I did. How did it go? The 3rd mile went well. Didn't struggle. The 4th and final mile I definitely struggled a little. But, it was great. My average pace per mile changed big time because of it: Mile 1: 12:03 Mile 2: 11:56, Mike 3: 10:37, Mile 4: 10:44. My overall finish time  was 00:45:45. That is 6... count 'em 6!... minutes faster than my average time for a 4 miler, which is around 51 minutes. I know that pace and being faster doesn't mean much. I was definitely happy with the faster, but being able to :: run :: the last two miles and not walk was really awesome!

Day 68: Plan: XT | Actual: 30 minutes XT 
I had the day off, and the hubs didn't have to go to work until late morning. So, while he slept in for a little bit, I went to the gym and cycled for 20 minutes. I really wish I was able to tell how far I biked. After cycling, I did about 10 minutes with my dumbbells because I was ready to stop, and eat some breakfast.

For lunch I met up my friend HL and her little one all the way in Rockwall at the Book Club Cafe. I had never been there, and the food was really good. So was their coffee! Oh, and I bought a chocolate croissant. It was so nice to have some girl time! When it was time to part ways, I got the car's oil changed before hanging out for the rest of the day at my mom and dad's house. I love hanging out with my mom and the doggies. I eventually made it home to make dinner and post some of our honeymoon photos to Facebook (finally!) for our friends to see.

Day 69: Plan: Rest Day | Actual: Rest Day 
Oh, boy. I think I did a food bender yesterday (I don't drink, so it isn't the drink bender), but I almost feel the same way. Ugh. During work I made sure that I was hydrating, and I packed a salad for lunch with a little bit of left over picadillo (it's a Skinnytaste recipe). After work a friend/coworker had a party, and I headed over there for some pizza (with my little salad) and small root beer floats. I'm a little worried about going overboard and feeling horrible on my long run tomorrow morning. But... we'll see. If I'm conscious of my concern than I should be ok. Right? Wish me luck!

Total Running Miles this week: 20.26 Miles 

Total Time Cross-training this week: 30 Minutes

Total Miles Cross-training this week: 0 Miles

Total Running Miles to Date: 138.05 Miles 

Total Time & Miles Cross-Training to Date: 04:55:00 | 0 Miles

What do you do when you feel like you eat
too much during the week?