Saturday, January 14, 2017

2017 OMaD - Week 2

Aaaand.... The work begins! Now that the holidays are over I need to work on wedding stuff and getting my place to move in a few months!

January 8 - January 14

Day 8: 0 Miles - My fiance and I worked on my apartment! I spent the entire afternoon going through my huge walk-in closet. It's pretty much 90% finished, which feels great! I have three giant black trash bags full of donations. After a job well done we went to Chuy's to celebrate Elvis' birthday! Then after that we went through our engagement photos then looked honeymoon costs!

Day 9: 0 Miles - I went up to the cafe that my fiance works at to have breakfast. I was so nervous! I never met any of his coworkers before, but I have heard a lot about them. It was fun, and not as bad and awkward as I thought it was. Afterwards I did some errands, which included making an appointment at a bridal salon. I start shopping for a wedding dress on Sunday!

Day 10: 0 Miles - I woke kinda late this morning, and I really wanted to get through all the papers that I needed to shred. I'm about 90% done with that! Yay! I also cleared out some more things on a desk. I did do a kettlebell workout and more push ups to make up for not running. I hope to run on Thursday!

Day 11: 0 Miles - The usual rest day. I didn't even do my push ups. I was tired when I woke up and I had to get gas in the car before work, but I needed breaksfast. I headed to Starbucks, but they were in the weeds (uber busy an struggling to keep up with demand) so I just got my usual black coffee but no sandwhich. I got gas a QT station and ran inside to grab a pre-heated breakfast sandwhich. There were two guys in line. The first was getting lottery tickets. Waiting, waiting, waiting... oh! The other QT worked appears, yay! I made it to work with one minute to spare! Work in general was pretty busy.

Day 12: 6.21 Miles - First outdoor run of the year! Whoo hoo! It's also the farthest I've run since the marathon. It was a nice 70 degree morning when I headed out. I felt great the majority of the run. During the last mile I was feeling a bit of achy in my knee and my hamstring, but otherwise I felt good! I did push myself during the last half mile to make sure that I was at a sub-90 finish time for a 10k. Right around the 5k mark I was thinking about all of the races I could (and could not) be doing. I was hoping that I might be able to meet up with my running buddy on MLK Day since she'd be off from work, but it looks like we're going to get some rain. Hmm! We'll see what happens!

Day 13: 0.0 Miles -It was a long and busy day! I didn't get to my push up or sit ups. After work the fiance and I visited some friends. For dinner we had Whataburger and omigosh, it was so good!

Day 14: 0.0 Miles - Last day of the weekend! I got my stuff ready for meeting our potential wedding photographer and for my first day of dress shopping excursion, which is all set for tomorrow! Ack!

Total Miles this week: 6.21 Miles

Miles to Date: 9.36 Miles

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

2017 OMaD - Week 1

 Happy New Year to everyone! This is the third year that I 'll be keeping up with some form of One Mile a Day to see if I can improve myself. I can tell you now that I will not be training for a full marathon this year because of the time constraints I will face when I should be spending my time planning my wedding. So this year, I'm going to focus on half marathons an overall fitness.

Right though... I'm recovering from being sick!

January 1 - January 7

Day 1: 0 Miles - Happy New Year! I got sleep in a bit, and my fiance made me a breakfast, which ate most of! Yay me! With my throat hurting so much I can barely eat because of the pain, and because of the pain it would make stomach hurt. So, in the end, I small amount of food for the past few days and would have to eat every few hours. After breakfast, we pretty much binged watched The Walking Dead in between naps. It was a nice and quite thing to do while everyone else were out doing their thing.

Oh! And I wanted to share with you what I had shared what I did on this day in 2016:

 Day 1: 0 Miles - I totally slept in this morning. Instead of running I had brunch with the guy and his best friend and his wife. It was so nice to just chill and not rush!
Aw, I still called MS my "guy" back then!

Day 2: 0 Miles - Another day off. I was so tired, probably because I wasn't eating very much all day. The downside was that I was late. 

Day 3: 0 Miles - The last bit of the painful stuff in my throat went away today! I'm not out of the woods yet since I'm still having sinus congestion, but I can finally eat normally! Yay!

Day 4: 0 Miles - Rest Day, as usual! I had so much energy today it was wonderful! I got a lot done at work! I also emailed a couple wedding photographers with my fingers crossed that they reply. One emailed me later in the day, and she sounded wonderful!

Day 5: 3.15 Miles - My first run of the year! I ran on the treadmill since it was too cold for me to run outside, especially since I'm almost done recovering from being sick. I finished the run strong and at a fast pace, which felt nice even though it made me a little light-headed. A older gentleman walking a few treadmills down from me started asking me questions when I was cleaning up and stretching. He asked how long I typically work out, which I saw was about and hour tops. He joked that I must be on the Olympic team, and I said I wasn't. I was a marathoner. We talked a little bit before I left. I totally felt awesome afterwards because a complete stranger acknowledged my fitness! I also started doing push-ups this morning too. It was only 15. 5 regular position and 10 on my knees. It's gonna be hard to do the regular position because I SUCK at it!. But it's my goal that by the end of the year that I can do regular push-ups like it's nothing!

The rest of my day was pretty awesome! My fiance had a job interview in the morning and was offered the job on the spot! Yay! We're both very excited because he no longer has the burden of finding a job by the end of the month (the contract for the kitchen he works for ends this month and all the cooks are forced to find new jobs. Talk about pressure and stress!). Plus, it'll be able to help narrow in our search for an area to move to in a couple of months!

Day 6: 0.0 Miles - I did 15 push ups. It was hard! I suck at regular push ups! This was a good day, but I was so ready to be home. I had written an awesome proposal for work and found out that it may not be a viable program because the director hasn't made up her mind despite telling me that I need to this. Ugh! We had one of our favorite comfort foods - Chinese. It was delicious, especially the Hot and Sour soup that soothed my throat!

Day 7: 0.0 Miles - I had a busy day at work, and it was a lot of fun. Afterwards I made some really good junk nachos. Tomorrow my hubby-to-be is gonna help me work on my apartment! 

Total Miles this week: 3.15 Miles

Miles to Date: 3.15 Miles

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

OMaD - Week 53

The last week of the year! This year went by so fast! I hope your year was as good as mine! I ended the year being sick and very tired.

December 25 - December 31

Day 360: 0.0 Miles - Merry Christmas! I spend brunch time with my fiance's family. This was the first Christmas that I have ever spent away from my own family! I was surprised as to how many presents I got! We then went down to my mom and dad's for Christmas part II. It was a really good day!

Day 361: 0.0 Miles - I hadn't planned on running today because I wanted to hang out with my mom and family for a bit. It was a goo thing I didn't because I had eaten so much junk food and savory food that I felt sick all day (it began in the night too). Ugh! No more apple pie for me. So sad.

Day 362: 0.0 Miles - Slept in a bit and no running. I felt better though. I made some rice with black beans and dice tomatoes, which I knew would be easy on the tum-tum.

Day 363: 0.0 Miles - Just another Wednesday!

Day 364: 0.0 Miles - I had the day off, which was perfect because, well, I started with a scratchy throat. I did a quick 15 minute kettelbell workout before hanging out with my family. By the time I met up with my fiance for dinner, I was had a sore throat. By the end of the night, I was took sick and tired to go home and had to stay. I had a fever. Boo! My sweet made me homemade chicken noodle soup to help me out.

Day 365: 0.0 Miles - I had to call in sick cause my sinus drain was coming from ears, and my throat was killing me. I nearly fainted when I go up in the morning. I pretty much stayed in bed alll day. I would wake up and answer a text from my bosses. At one point my fever broke. I ate a little soup then slept some more.

Day 366: 0.0 Miles - When your boss in Admin texts you the day before seeing if you're able to come into work... after you had already talked to your direct boss about maybe not... you tell your Admin boss that you'll be at work the next day. I pretty sat there did a little work, tried to stay away, and hid my pained face every single time I swallowed anything in a big giant scarf. Just kill me! I barely made it to midnight and I was dead to the world in sleep.

Total Miles this week: 0.0 Miles

Miles to Date: 853.86  Miles

How was your week?

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

OMaD - Week 52

It's the week of Christmas!

December 18 - December 24 

Day 353: 0.0 Miles -I got to sleep in! It was glorious! Then I had to go to work. Boo! It was also in the 30s today! Whah?! Freezing! So glad the polar vortex weather didn't arrive the week before during the marathon!

Day 354: 3.15  Miles - Hello, gym and treadmill! It felt good to run, again. Mentally I was thinking of running longer than a 5k, but my body wasn't quite wanting to do that just yet. So I settled for the hold good standby. I spent lunch and part of the afternoon with LS, who is my fiance's little sister and my future older-sister-in-law. This was the first time we have ever hung out together without MS around. It was a little awkward, but not bad! Whew!

Day 355: 0.0 Miles - Work, work, work!

Day 356: 0.0 Miles - Kettlebell workout today! My leg was shaking at the end of it... clearly it has been too long of a break since I last did a full workout! I got to spend the afternoon with my best friends for lunch and fun.

Day 357: 0.0 Miles - Work, work, work!

Day 358: 4.01 Miles -A nice four-miler on the treadmill to start my holiday weekend To help get through any mental blocks I watched The Barkley Marathons on Netflix, which puts four mile so a treadmill to shame! If you haven't seen that documentary... do it! It's so interesting and crazy! I then pic

Day 359: 0.0 Miles -What a crazy day! I hired my brother and his girlfriend to be my engagement photo photographer. We went to a book store and a record store, and it was fun once we got going! 

Total Miles this week: 7.16 Miles

Miles to Date: 853.86  Miles

How was your week?

OMaD - Week 51

What a week! My ran my full marathon! Then it was onto Christmas thinking!

December 11 - December 17

Day 346: 26.60 Miles - BCS Marathon day! I can't believe I ran another 26.2 race! All day Saturday, I would realize, "I'm running 26.2 miles tomorrow." I was pretty calm yesterday and when I prepped in the morning. I had woken up at 4:30am to get some coffee going and making my waffles (actually brought my toaster to the hotel). Around 6am was when I was getting nervous cause I had to leave the hotel to be driven to the start line. It was warmer than I was expecting, and I didn't need to worry about a rain poncho! I did my usual portapotty stops before the race. Me, my fiance, my running buddy HC and her hubby hung out for the 30 minutes before the race. During the race, HC dusted me right after the first water station. She was in my sights for a while before she was completely gone. I was running my own race and didn't care too too much! Anyway, Between Mile 13 and 15 I grouped myself with an experienced married couple who were doing intervals and entertaining enough to distract me from my tight hamstring. Anyway, I stuck with them until Mile 25 then it was on my own. It too my 06:19 and some change to finish. That's slower than my first marathon last year, but definitely not 06:30, which I was suspecting. I'll write more details in my review later on, but I have to say... I cried after a volunteer put a medal around my neck. All the hard work and I did it!

Day 347: 0.0 Miles - After getting home yesterday I strapped the Tens unit on and believe that helped me to feel how I felt today. I slept a lot this morning, with breakfast (cinnamon roll and coffee... in bed) in between, and felt good by the time I did get of bed eventually. I could walk just fine, squat and sit on the floor. I only had one major achy spot on the side of my thigh, and that was pretty much it! Nice! I went to see my parents for lunch before meeting up with my fiance for dinner. All day today, I felt itching to run or to find a new race to run (such as another full marathon!). I think it was withdrawal from my runner's high!

Day 348: 2.60 Miles - I felt good today! I went to the gym for a light cycle to get some my restlessness out.

Day 349: 0.0 Miles - First rest day for the reminder of the week!

Day 350: 0.0Miles - Nothing! I was tempted, but knew it'd be best to fully rest. I guess.

Day 351: 0.0 Miles - I'm so ready for a sleep in day! 

Day 352: 0.0 Miles - Looong day at work. I'm ready for the holidays!

Total Miles this week: 29.20 Miles

Miles to Date: 846.70 Miles

How was your week?

Saturday, December 10, 2016

OMaD - Week 50 - aka RACE WEEK!

Race Week!!!! Aaaah!!!

December 4 - December 10

Day 339: 0.0 Miles - I didn't run today cause I had to go to a fun baby shower for my good friend and future bridesmaid, HL!

Day 340: 8.01 Miles - It was a chilly day! I test wore an outfit that I would wear on Marathon Day! Eeek! It's coming up fast!

Day 341: 0 Miles - Rest day! I've now been stalking the weather for race day. So far it's a chance of rain race day morning! Boo! 

Day 342: 0 Miles - Another Rest Day. Weather stalking continues.

Day 343: 4.01 Miles - It was FREEZING this morning, literally. So I headed to the warmth of the gym for my last run before the race! Today it's says 60% chance of rain on race morning.

Day 344: 0 Miles - My fiance and I bought good snacks for the trip down College Station and I found a clear poncho for me to wear at the race!

Day 345: 0 Miles - Heading out to College Station for my packet for the race! Catch you on the flip side!

Total Miles this week: 12.02 Miles

Miles to Date: 817.50 Miles

How was your week?

Thursday, December 8, 2016

OMaD - Week 49

Where as the time gone??? How many days until the marathon???

November 27 - December 3

Day 332: 12.01 Miles -This wasn't a bad run, but I know mentally I was hitting the wall about 3 miles till the end. Boo! What was great though was that my sweet and I put our tree together!

Day 333: 4.03  Miles - I hit the gym for a cycle time. Then I went down to my mom and dad's. It wasn't the greatest day in a lot of respects. It was very stressful and upsetting and I emotionally ate and it was horrible.

Day 334: 0 Miles - I didn't run. I felt crummy physically and emotionally that I stayed in bed until it was time to go to work.

Day 335: 0 Miles - Rest day! Our Christmas tree is all finished and is awesome! Now I need some hooks for our stockings, which I had bought back in January on sale. It was like I knew we were going to be together the following Christmas time!

Day 336: 6:01 Miles - A wonderfully nice and easy run! I loved it! Then I had a fun work day with some coworkers that I rarely get to see!

Day 337: 0 Miles - I began my doggy-sitting stint today! Plus, I've begun the stalking of weather websites for the cold rain that is coming in this weekend and for what it's going to be like in College Station for the marathon!

Day 338: 0 Miles - A very rainy day, but it ended well with my sweet coming down to keep me company!

Total Miles this week: 22.05 Miles

Miles to Date: 805.48 Miles

How was your week?